Oppo Unveils The First Under Display Smartphone Camera

Oppo Under Display (2)
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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has unveiled its first under-display camera. The company is also the first one to announce such technology. The Chinese manufacturer took to the Mobile World Congress 2019 Shanghai, China for unveiling its latest technological breakthrough.

OPPO Underscreen camera

Images showing Oppo’s under-display front camera

The front camera on this new Oppo device has been moved under the display. This allows for a full-screen display providing the entire front real estate. This allows for a real immersive viewing experience.

The under-display camera here in question uses a custom camera module which is placed under the screen. Along with some special algorithms, and special highly-transparent material to increase the light transfer to the camera through the screen, Oppo has achieved the goal of hiding the front camera completely. Thus there are no notches which some people do not like and complain about.

There is no information about the device or its availability. However, with these developments, we could expect Oppo devices in the pipeline with under-display camera technology.

Images – Oppo


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