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Exhibit: Hi Udyan, we think that your music is amazing and you are a mandatory gig at most music festivals. What are your thoughts on this popularity?
Nucleya: Thank you so much for the kind words. I feel really humbled by everything that’s happening and the kind of response fans have shown towards my music. There was a time when my music was just not working and so I can only be grateful for all the love and appreciation. It’s tough for an indie musician in this country to get himself heard by the masses and I’m very fortunate that I had the right team working with me who truly made all of this possible to begin with. For the fans, I am Nucleya, but if you ask me, the whole team is what makes Nucleya.

Exhibit: Can you trace your journey from being in the band “The Bandish Projekt.” to a one man show that Nucleya is?
Nucleya: I co-founded ‘Bandish Prokekt’ along with Mayur, when we were 17/18 years old. We were young & excited and we made some great music together and extensively toured India & the world. After many years of doing this, our tastes and interests grew and there came a time when both of us wanted to make very different kind of music. So, we decided that it was best to go our separate ways. This is when I decided to begin my solo project ‘Nucleya’ (2008), under which I did multiple projects before making it to where I am now. This allowed me to make music that was 100% me. However, at the same time, being in a band was one of the most exciting times in my life!

Exhibit: How easy or difficult was your journey to becoming the extraordinary brand and popular artist that you are now?
Nucleya: I can’t say it was the toughest, but it wasn’t easy at all. I’ve been more or less broke for most part of my career as a musician. In fact, when I met my manager (Tej) for the first time in early 2013, he asked me what I wanted to acheive and what my aspirations were and my response to him was “Bro, I just need some money to pay the rent”. It’s safe to say that he made sure I paid it that month! I’m supremely fortunate to have had my wife Smriti by my side at all times. Without her, all of this would have just been a distant dream.

Exhibit: Nucleya has been a popular performing artist in the International scene. Can you share your experiences?
Nucleya: Doing shows outside of the country is an amazing experience because it gives you a perspective about the global music scenario, but I genuinely feel it’s very important for artists to first make a mark over here in India before they venture outside. I’ve had good experiences where fans have come out in full support and some bad ones as well where nobody had any idea who I was and what I was going to play. But over all, it’s been fairly good over the last year or so.

Exhibit: What have been the changes you have seen in the music scene here since your Bandish days?DJ-nucleya
The Independent music industry has grown tremendously since those days. It now has a backbone of its own and an infrastructure that is able to support more and more artists. The introduction of alternate media and music distribution channels has made it 100x times easier for artists to get their music out there and you no longer need to be signed on to a huge record label to get your music distributed. There is now also a much larger audience that is eager to consume music that is not mainstream. With International artists regularly touring in India now, you can tell that the global industry recognizes this as well.

Exhibit: How would you like to describe your music style?
NucleyaI like to describe my style as simple and uncomplicated music that is easy for people to understand. I prefer not to put any labels to it because then I would be limiting myself to a particular style.

Exhibit: We have all been witness to the brilliant marketing you do to launch your albums. How important is it and how it helped you?
Nucleya: It’s definitely important, because in today’s day and age, there’s too much content around for the audience to consume and you need to ensure that you are engaging them in the right way. But most importantly, we just want to do cool things and we will continue to do so every single time.

Exhibit: What is Udyan’s relationship with Tech like?
NucleyaI’m quite tech savvy in general. I keep a keen eye out on all the new stuff that comes out just to keep myself updated. I need the right sort of equipment to be able to make music and also for live performances. So it plays quite an important role in my professional life.


  • A tech gadget you can’t do without that’s not your phone or your laptop: iPad
  • Car you’re driving: Nissan Micra
  • A day in the life of Udyan: Wake up, drop my son to school, hang out with my wife, pick up my son from school, Play with my son till he’s tired, Put him to sleep, work for a bit & sleep
  • Most unique tech gadget: I recently read about something called a Pattern Door Lock. Pretty cool idea
  • Most useful tech gadget: Power Bank
  • Best piece of advice given to you: Play your own original music.
  • One never dying mantra of your life: Be honest and humble
  • Your favorite Nucleya song: Street Boy
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