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DJ nervo - DJ of the month
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Exhibit caught up to speed with the Nervo sisters Miriam Nervo and Olivia Nervo for an exclusive interview. These Australian twins started working at the age of the 16 and wrote the co-writing the Grammy Award-winning single, “When Love Takes Over”, performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. In an interesting e-conversation with Utsavi Jha, the superbusy, workaholic and world’s highest paid women DJs reveal their secret to their successful career.

Exhibit: I would like to begin by asking that how difficult or easy was it to become the most popular women DJ duo especially in a male-dominated industry?
Nervo: All we can say is we don’t know any different and there is not much we can do about being women. Initially, there were times when people were caught off guard or didn’t support or acknowledge us but maybe being part of the gender minority has pushed us to be better and more focused. Having said that we received a lot of support from a lot of popular DJs as we used to write music for the boys. It blows our minds when we think that they are the highest ranking females.

Exhibit: How would you like to describe your style of music in live sets?
We always try and play the ‘Nervo’ records that we are promoting at that time as well as our old tracks along with some new records for testing. We plan the beginning and the end of our sets but we like to feel the crowd for the most part and keep it as spontaneous as possible.

Exhibit: How is the response different in the different places you’ve played at?
If we are in a new country, we just make sure that we are prepared with a huge spectrum of music ready to play incase the people aren’t responding to the tracks we normally play. You can work it out pretty quickly if the crowd is more commercial or into longer grooves. The country or venue we are in makes a big difference in how we play.

Exhibit: Tell us about your experience in India.
We have been coming to India for about 4 years now and always had the best time there. The people are so friendly. The culture is so rich and there is so much to absorb from how creative people are with their fashion to how disciplined they are with their work. We love the food, we love the cities, we love the colours and of course, the people. Indians are also one of our biggest followers on Facebook. We just love India and can’t wait to come back!


The people in India are so friendly. The culture is so rich and there is so much to absorb from how creative people are with their fashion to how disciplined they are with their work. ”


Exhibit: What are your thoughts on social media and digital streaming of music?
We have a love-hate relationship with the social media. It certainly takes a lot of time but it’s so important to reach out to people. In many ways, it’s a great time to be in music as we can all release music online and on our own if we want. We can easily reach our collaborators through their Instagram or Soundcloud pages and we get to use social media to promote everything from a release to a branding deal.

Exhibit: The best and worst thing about being a DJ.
The best is that we are able to make music for a living. This truly is a dream come true! And the worst thing about being a DJ is trying to keep sane with the busy travel, long hours, jet lag and overall crazy schedule.

Exhibit: Advice for aspiring DJs.
Work on your music. Don’t expect an easy ride because this business is tough. But when things do click it is super rewarding so keep at it. There are so many perks that we never expected such as the travel, the days off in random places like Croatia or Punta Del Este or Cambodia, the different friends we make from all around the world, the different foods we get to sample, the cultures we get to see/experience.

Exhibit: What’s next for Nervo in 2018?
We have quite a few upcoming releases that we are working very hard on right now. All our energy is going into music. We take the fourth quarter of each year to work on new music and have been developing a few ideas that we’re super psyched about. We’re throwing our NERVOnation parties around the world which we will definitely carry over to next year, along with a whole lot of festivals which were super excited about.On a personal level, the gigs are great! Of course it would be nice to win a grammy, have 10 number 1’s but all in all, we’re having a great time and feel very lucky to do music for a living.


  • What do the tech toys in your music studio look like?
    Jupiter 6 keyboard, macbook, Log Pro X, Yamaha MSP monitors, Shure microphone.
  • Most expensive tech you own: Our monitors were expensive when we bought them.
  • Phone you own: Samsung Note (liv) and iPhone 8 (mim).
  • Car you drive: Smart car.
  • Your tech bucket list: We once worked in a studio with a grid based groove box which was pretty cool.
  • Most unique gadget: Some Dj’s play their records and their visuals are automatically triggered to play with each particular songs.
  • Name a favorite from your own tracks: ‘It Feels’.
  • Favorite non-dance song: May be Pjanno by Eric Prydz.
  • One song you thought didn’t deserve the attention it got: ‘Best Friend’
  • Favorite music festival to play at: Tomorrowland.
  • Concert going essentials: Headphones and USBs.
  • One mistake that DJs often make: They forget they’re doing what they love.


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