Music Saucer – Zebronics ZEB-UFO

Music Saucer Zebronics ZEB-UFO
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How does it feel out of the box?

Zebronics named this device quite smartly as this resemble a widely famous fly saucer UFO(Unidentified Flying Object). There is 2 x 3W speaker on both the side and middle you will find a receiver. The product looks similar to office conference phone, and it can easily fit at the office desk.

On the back side, it has a MicroSD memory card slot, MicroUSB port, 3.5mm audio jack and USB Type-A port. Front side, it has ON-OFF switch to turn the speaker ON or OFF. The Cordless handset is sitting on the top. However, the quality of the handset doesn’t impress us due to its low-quality plastic. While the Handset has 200 mAh battery, it also has an additional 1200 mAh battery in a speaker set.

How does it perform?

The first thing we did is to check sound quality of the Zebronics UFO speaker, we can say it’s one of the poor quality speakers. The Handset speaker has a Ok sound quality, so it’s enough quality required to Call on the handset. Overall, the speaker produces decent quality sound output, but if you are looking for the highquality sound, then this shouldn’t be your first choice. Even when we turn the volume up to it’s maximum, it starts sounding grainy and distorted.

Connectivity-wise, it has a Bluetooth which can be easily get connected to your phone just like any other Bluetooth speaker. On the top of the handset, three buttons are available to increase volume, decrease volume and Play Pause. Cordless handset even has a small screen displaying battery, Bluetooth connection and a message reading ‘Ready’ when connected. Also, we simply need to pick up the handset to attend the call, is that simple.

Rating: 65/100
Price: ₹ 2,999/-


  • Battery: 200mAh inside Cordless Handset
  • 1200mAh inside main speaker
  • Speaker Drive size: 2 x 3W
  • Bluetooth Range: upto 10m
  • Weight: 605g


Zebronics UFO is a product with a conference phone style design and it also resembles UFO(Unidentified Flying Object). Sound performance is not up to mark as it produces bit of roughness in the sound.


Interesting design with Cordless handset, but injected with poor sound quality. 



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1 Comment

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