MS Paint Is Getting Removed from Windows 10

MS Paint
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If you go by a recent announcement from Microsoft, you will learn that MS Paint is going to get axed. Microsoft has put out a list of features and functionalities. These operations will be detached or shortened in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Paint is one of the most classic software, if not in capabilities, but in terms of how long it has been around on Microsoft’s Windows systems.

Here comes the ending of an era. Tech giant Microsoft is planning to get rid of the legendary Paint software from the forthcoming Windows 10 update.Microsoft will most probably chop MS Paint entirely in a future update. We have had MS Paint for over 32 years now. It has been available ever since the company released the first Windows operating system in the year 1985.

Microsoft announced a list of applications that will either be “eliminated” or “cut down in size” from the Windows 10 Fall Creators update. This update is due for release in the latter bit of this year. The software giant is also planning to expunge Outlook Express, Reader app, and Reading list in the future update, along with Paint.

Easy-To-Use Features of MS Paint

Until last year, Microsoft Paint was on the company’s radar. The company launched Paint 3D, which is a more sophisticated version of the iconic software. Paint 3D lets users create third-dimensional images on their computers. This is basic paint utility software, which is used to draw, color, and edit pictures. Microsoft Paint is built-in in each and every version of Windows operating system. Currently, MS Paint is found in the Windows Start menu within the Accessories folder.

Of course, Adobe’s Photoshop is more popular than Microsoft Paint. But people’s connection with MS Paint software is more about memories. It is designed in such a way that even your three-year old toddler or your grandparents can easily use it without any issues.

People aren’t exactly happy with their favorite applications being killed. So, they have decided to take their discontent to various social media platforms, especially Twitter.

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