Master and Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones Review

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Master and Dynamic MH40 over-hear headphone are designed and developed in New York City and manufactured in China. These headphones are proudly referred to by the company as ‘The Modern Thinking Cap’.  This is an exclusive product which has collaborated with Zero Halliburton and that’s why we got this headphone in this beautiful case.

How do MH40 look and feel?

Master and Dynamic MH40 come in black leather with black metal, brown leather with silver metal and one more in black leather with gunmetal. These headphones are elegant and stylish. They come with these 45mm Neodymium High-performance drivers. There is nothing cheap about MH40. It is a closed solid model and is made with forged aluminum and stainless steel with premium cowhide and soft lambskin. They are comparatively smaller and lighter than many closed models in the same price range and weigh around 360 grams. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack and a data cable including a portable pouch which makes it travel handy. You can easily slip them into your bag and be on the move. I like that they have provided a 2-meter cable that is thin and elegant. Also, the best thing is that it doesn’t even get tangled.

How is the quality of materials used?

The materials look very authentic and what first struck me about the Master and Dynamic MH40 was how authentic the materials looked. The headband is wrapped in heavy grain leather with a lambskin underside to keep the top of your head comfortable. Moving down to the ear cups, lambskin makes another appearance inside on the pads. I tend to wear headphones for hours at a time while working and I typically start to get a bit hot around the ear cups after a half an hour or so. But that was not the case here. The pads are also removable so you can give them a wipe down if you want to clean them.

How do the MH40 Sound?

MH40 has a warm, dynamic and articulate sound with ample bass. I really like the volume range on these headphones. The sound is clear, and offer more depth than most of the headphones. They can easily make an elegant yet everyday addition to your desk, studio or home. The sound of this headphone is highly detailed and never harsh. These headphones prove to be an excellent sounding headphone against other audiophile headphones in this price range.


I think this is one of the most attractive and beautifully designed pairs of headphones I’ve had the privilege to lay my hands on. Overall, it’s fashionable and classy with tasteful presentation along with well thought out details. As a gift, they are highly recommended because they sound as good as they look. If you’re looking for headphones with some serious style, this is an eye-catching option. Master and Dynamic MH40 are priced at $399 which is approximately 25,668 INR.

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