Microsoft Working On A Foldable Surface Device

Windows Centaurus
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Not too long ago, Lenovo shared its prototype of an upcoming folding screen device with the world. It uses two separate displays which can be folded and the entire hardware looks like a big folding screen. Not only this, Lenovo is expected to launch the device somewhere in 2020, which suggests that they are not too far away from mass producing it. Several reports have now surfaced about Microsoft working on a foldable Surface PC, which has been identified with the codename ‘Centauras’. This upcoming foldable device is also expected to run Android-based applications which somewhat hints at it being cross-platform friendly. As much as specifications are concerned, it is said to be using two 9-inch displays, which combine for an overall aspect ratio of 4:3. What more is revealed is the use of 10nm Intel Lakefield processor. However, the rumoured surface device is said to rather have two separate displays rather than a folding one like we have seen with the prototype Lenovo device.

The most interesting highlight of the device would surely be its ability to run Android applications. Reportedly, the upcoming device is rumoured to be running Windows Core OS and it has to be seen if Microsoft adds the ability to run Android applications natively on the device. It is being speculated that the device will be announced or launched by 2020, which could be after an official announcement by Microsoft. The upcoming device is also expected to be the first one which could get the first run of the Windows Lite OS. The Windows Lite OS is basically a derivative of the Windows Core OS. The Windows Core OS is a newer and modern version of Windows, which focuses on performance and better user experience. Now that technology is taking some steep hairpin bends, it would not be a very distant future where devices will feature more of screens and ditch physical hardware for both portability and usability.

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