Manasi Kirloskar – An Artist behind the Entrepreneur

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Manasi Kirloskar - Exhibit Magazine 01The August issue cover shoot was not our first encounter with Manasi Kirloskar, the sole heiress to Industrialist Vikram Kirloskar‘s massive business empire (group of Toyota-Kirloskar JV’s and Real Estate/ Insurance/Medical technology). She sold us right in the first encounter with her striking questions and strong presence as one of the jury members at Exhibit’s 100 Hottest Startups. Cut to the cover shoot where nothing really changed except we came back with a heavier bag of awe for the poise and sophistication that Manasi handled herself with. At the same time, we saw her transform in front of the lens from a staunch businesswoman to an identity with many facets and many colours. With a focus to capture that transformation and to show the multi-faceted millennial in a light she has never been portrayed in before, we chatted with her off-therecord and discovered the “artist behind the businesswoman”. With a flavour (leaning towards addiction) for organisation and perfection in her work that we admire, she hustled to get the efficiency going while playing the perfect host to the entire crew. We caught her between shots to delve further into what Manasi as a person is like, trace her journey, understand her ways of balancing passion and work, and of course discovered her Tech preferences that being a millennial are as strong as they can get. We returned with tons of gorgeous pictures as we wrapped up the shoot, all ready to pen a new story about the billionaire heiress who, with her originality and brilliance, is transcending the Kirloskar name to greater heights.

Exhibit: Being the sole heiress of a Business conglomerate as old and massive as Kirloskar’s comes with its own share of stress, doesn’t it?
MANASI KIRLOSKAR: It is a great opportunity and I am so grateful. My job is to work very hard to diversify, follow my dreams and continue the legacy of trust, ethics and corporate governance without any compromise.


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