This Is The Main Reason Why The Once Popular ‘Orkut’ Failed!

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Orkut – Why Facebook why?

Orkut nailed the social networking domain before Facebook really came into the picture. The fundamental social highlights in Orkut were the scrapbook and the groups. The first can be disregarded, thinking that it was an exceptionally lousy open visit that exclusively included two individuals. The second, be that as it may, was the most intriguing element since you could collaborate with a wide range of individuals, who had an indistinguishable interests in what you did. It was a major ordeal in 2004-2007.

The rise of Facebook

Another center element that improved the usage of Facebook better than Orkut was that one never had to chase for content. You could have a nourish of preferred and shared substance by your circle from everywhere throughout the web as opposed to persuing inner Orkut people group to engage yourself. Targeted content is what Facebook really focuses on. Facebook dependably had more captivating social highlights than Orkut. It was a matter of striving for a couple of days to see that.

Not Mobile Friendly

Orkut was never mobile friendly. This was another important reason why Facebook was able to take the lead. Internet on mobile phones started catching up after the launch of iPhone and Android. Precisely, that was the time when Orkut started loosing and Facebook became popular. Phones were the target of Facebook right from the beginning. That is something that Orkut missed majorly.


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