The Magnificent Rana and his many tech facets

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Rana Daggubati Exhibit Magazine May 2017 - 02We’re not going to lie, even though we played it cool, we were internally doing a little celebration dance. I bet you’d do the same if you had the Man of the Moment, the Superstar of the biggest film in the industry at the moment make a return on your magazine cover. Well, Exhibit did and it was absolutely fantastic! We flew down to Hyderabad to shoot the cover star for our very special Anniversary Issue (yes, we turned 12, yay!) and it was every bit incredible we assumed it would be. Of course he was suave, absolutely fit and that body can make your eyes melt! But what really struck me was Mr Daggubati’s sense of humour, his gentleman-like politeness, his longstanding relationship with Technology and experience working with VFX. Rana sprinkled a bit of humour in each of his answer, garnished his responses with the quirk we just discovered yet maintaining politeness all along. I chuckled over his quirky response to some of my questions or when he promptly said, ‘I had to do Baahubali again to get you guys here!’ as I playfully pointed out that we did fly down to Hyderabad this time for him. As we sat down with him to get our cover story, I resisted asking the million dollar question – “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” Well, we didn’t get the answer to that, but we sure came back with many, many more and they’re super interesting!



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