LUMINOX RECON NAV SPC XL.8831.KM – Review | Accelerating time!

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Rough and tough watches have always been ‘in’ and they will never go out of fashion considering the innate love for adventure us humans have. The XL.8831 is one such watch that will catch anyone’s fancy for the amazing specs and ‘look’ it comes with. It might look like the kind that has to be worn only while you’re adventuring but the carbon reinforced case and the soft rubber strap will prove your perception wrong. Easy to wear even for everyday use makes this one so worth it.

Talking about the body of this rugged watch, the case has a matte finish to it and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. So not scratches and an easy view without having to squint even at noon. This is a water resistant watch providing protection for up to 200m. The 46mm dial is pretty large and if you like smaller watches, this one is not for you.


Now if you see the dial closely, you’ll know there’s also a scale that calculates your walking speed and the backlight is always on. The compass is external and is placed on the strap but it looks slightly off and takes away the appeal. The straps also have a ruler scale that measures distances. The best part about the watch is that it lets you set two time zones which is perfect for those who travel often between different time zones.

Overall the watch is light, high on utility and comfortable to wear and use. It isn’t flashy or fancy so it might disappoint those who are looking for a watch that does both – its job and look pretty. For those who are only looking at utility and like big dials on a rugged watch, this is THE ONE!

Price: ₹39,501


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