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The Logitech G Pro headset gets best from both worlds. It is slick but features curves and sharp angles. The main structure is metal, most likely aluminium of industrial-grade which has been machined and smooth on the edges. The clasp is flexible but at the same time has the grip on your head which will not allow it to slip or fall from your head. The memory foam on the earcups is layered with faux leather which feels soft and comfortable. 

The G Pro is a gaming headset but it lacks the space ship looks that we see with most of the gaming aimed peripherals. There is no RGB or any kind of lighting. This review unit we have is matte black and in colour with accents of silver. Extending the band clasp reveals the stainless steel extensions. It is padded and delivers comfort when using the headset. The extenders can be stretched long enough so that even large heads have no problem.

Moving on, the ear cups are soft and feel premium. Long periods of use does not really have any discomfort. However, the clasp might feel a bit strong with its grip for a few people – a matter of personal opinion though. The cups rotate so that you can pack it flat for travelling and up and down swivel allows for a more snug fit.

Connecting the headset is a braided cable which also has a microphone, volume wheel and a mute button. The microphone can be separately attached and is flexible which makes it easy to move and position. Overall, it has a good design and is ergonomic which allows for better user experience.

The ear cups are quite comfortable, even with extended hours of usage


Now what needs to be seen is the performance of the Logitech G Pro headset. The sound output is quite punchy and The low-end performance is also noteworthy. All of this proves to be very fulfilling when gaming. The noise isolation with the ear cups, helping you to distinguish between the high and lows of the sound stage. Gaming in busy surroundings was not a problem while longer hours of gaming does not get unbearably uncomfortable as well. 

The bass on the G Pro is very punchy and the 50mm Pro-G Neodymium magnet Hybrid Mesh drivers do a great job of delivering crisp sound at all frequencies. The microphone also does a good job catching the voice even with a lot of commotion happening in the surroundings. The external USB Pro DAC which comes in the box is the real deal. This is how you can get the highest quality analogue sound output from the digital signals of your PC.

For music, it is a pretty good headset. The overall soundstage is wide and lends a great listening experience. However, the bass was slightly overwhelming at times which sort of layers on top of the highs. However, it is not really a matter of concern for regular users. 


The Logitech G Pro Gaming Heatset is aimed at gamers, however, it will hold well both for gaming and multimedia usage. The design and build are solid and feels very reassuring when holding in the hands. Longer periods of usage does not leave your ears fuming from the heat while the sound is good enough for serious gaming as well as music. Overall, it is a very well balanced headset and provides the right bang for your valuable bucks.


Driver – Hybrid mesh PRO-G 50mm

Magnet – Neodymium

Frequency Response – 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Impedance 35 Ohms

Weight – 320 g

Price – Rs. 9995/-


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