LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle – Sailing through Childhood

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The LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle set has been designed by Fan Designer Jake Sadovich and released by LEGO as a LEGO Ideas set. We have spent time to build and reviewed the set. Let’s take a look if the set is worth buying in our LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle.


When it comes to packaging, the box showcased Ship in a Bottle on both sides. For the rest, the LEGO Ideas logo recommended building age, a number of pieces can be seen. The back of the box has an enlarged porthole with the ship and the bottle and stand in the background. Around the ship and the bottle are sketches of fantasies. Dolphins jumping out of the water, cumulus clouds, seagulls, beaches and the tentacles of a huge octopus. On the left is a description of how the LEGO Ideas program works.


Inside the box contains six numbered bags, an instruction booklet and four transparent corner panels. In total, the set contains 962 parts. This is a great price for a set like this with new transparent corner panels and printed stones. There are 284 transparent pieces of transparent-blue studs that act as water. 

We have to start with building the ship and surprisingly it took just 30 minutes, thanks to the guide provided with the kit. After building the ship, it’s the turn of the bottle. The construction of the bottle includes some very clever building techniques and how perfectly those parts build up.

Before we closed the bottle, the studs need to be poured along with the ship attached to the bottom of the bottle. Pouring the blue studs into the bottle secretly gives a nice feeling. The bottle is sealed with the four transparent corner panels, with the bottle neck and the cork attached to it. The cork is decorated with a round tile element in the form of a wax stamped with the initials of the LEGO designer Tiago Catarino. The result is a sturdy construction that also looks like a bottle, though It is not advisable to lift the bottle. The set is heavy and might detach and it will result in rebuilding the set and searching for the 284 trans blue studs.

Next comes the bottom stand where the bottle can rest. The standard is mainly built with SNOT techniques and use of reddish-brown and gold-coloured LEGO elements. The addition of the two world globes with Leviathan print and the compass complete the picture. The stand fits the bottle perfectly in the intended holder. 


With the LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle, you get a set that is very cool to build and immediately offers many possibilities. The model is ideally suited to display and is equipped with luxury elements that do justice to the set. The whole is sturdy and will not become unstable once you remove the bottle from the standard. If you would love to have a well-executed little ship to display on a shelf or desk at work, and can stomach the price, then snap up 21313 Ship in a Bottle.

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