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With his keen interest in redefining the modern bride, Lalit Dalmia has paved his way at the top with his creativity and eclectic designing skills. His designs at the Tech Fashion Tour was a celebration of the perfect fusion of elegance and tradition. In a chat with Exhibit, he shares insight about his journey and what made the Tech Fashion Tour truly memorable for him.

EXHIBIT:  Lalit Dalmia – A leading brand which is donned by every modern bride and groom. How would you describe your journey so far? 

LALIT: It was challenging and I always pushed myself to learn from every experience during my early days. Today the name, LALIT DALMIA’S is a well-known brand and there has been no looking back.

EXHIBIT: What sparked your interest in fashion, especially Indian bridal and luxury wear?

LALIT: I love the ambience, the feel of Mughal empire, royal opulence and luxury a lot. I am inspired by the traditional bridal colours and motifs that have been donned by the brides since forever.

EXHIBIT:  Your creations for men and women are known to be eclectic and unique, where do you derive your inspiration from? 

LALIT: Design philosophy never changes. So my philosophy is to give luxury and royal feel to my customers. This inspiration comes from Indian heritage.

EXHIBIT: Your designs are all called the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern fashion. How would you describe your style of design, in your own words?

LALIT: My style is to keep the Indian heritage alive but also be in trend by evolving and mixing it according to changing fashion needs.

EXHIBIT: Lalit Dalmia and tech: Describe your relationship.

LALIT: I use tech for making garments by using CAD. We also use technology to develop illustrations. It has appealed the designer in me and has now become a permanent part of me.

EXHIBIT: Which is the biggest advantage that tech can bring to fashion according to you? 

LALIT: Technology and fashion both go hand in hand these days. Today, technology is used everywhere in designs like illustrations, printing, CAD and many more areas which were once totally dependent on manual labour.

EXHIBIT: How has social media changed the fashion industry according to you? How have you used social media?

 LALIT: The brand connects to the masses through social media. Social media is a major means to keep our customers updated with our new designs.

 EXHIBIT: What do you feel about being associated with TFT? 

LALIT: It’s a great platform to show my garments. I appreciate Tech Fashion Tour to provide a great opportunity to many designers to showcase and display their new designs and talent.

EXHIBIT: Tell us about your recent collections which were showcased in TFT and what was your favourite amongst the lot?

LALIT: My recent collection showcased a luxurious feel with royal attire along with a fusion of Western styles. We are trying to give girls the freedom to wear new styles with ancient embroidery work and plain silhouettes.It is the fusion of the perfect old and new while representing the new modern girl.

EXHIBIT:  Which is the preferred technology that you use professionally and how has the entire designing process changed compared to when you got started?

LALIT: Mostly I like to use CAD. It is very good as it saves time and gives finished work rather than hand.

EXHIBIT: What can we expect from your next line of designs? 

LALIT: Fusion of Indian and Western silhouettes because when it comes to bridal couture. Women want elaborate outfits that meet tradition and are comfortable to carry.

EXHIBIT: What according to you do the wardrobe of tomorrow consists of? 

LALIT: For tomorrow I want to create a collection with a taste of royal feel for brides and grooms with the mix of the modern and ancient taste.

EXHIBIT: You have designed and styled popular celebrities, who is the next best person to dress in your collection?

LALIT: It would be impossible to name just one because everyone has different personality. Each woman and man I designed for, has a different personality and aura. They have all played a major role in my journey.

EXHIBIT: On a parting note, when are we going to see your next fashion tour? 

LALIT: Very soon, a new variant collection for sure.



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