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First Impression

Just Cause 3 was undoubtedly the most anticipated game of 2015. With the game trailers showcasing explosions and some more, Just Cause 3 looked like a game inspired by an action packed Hollywood flick. Since Just Cause 3 was developed by Avalanche Studios, the same studio which worked on Mad Max, the showed plenty of promise.


Just Cause 3 tells the story of the return to his home country of Rico Rodriguez, the historic hero of the saga Just Cause. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for the players, this fictional country called Mediterranean Medici is under the rule of the General Di Ravello, a bloodthirsty dictator. Helped by his friends, the rebel soldiers, and especially their blazing guns, Rico will gradually regain control of his country. Just Cause 3 is not used to sequence the main missions of the campaign at the pace desired by the user. The game asks players to release a certain number of regions prior to continuing the adventure. And to release a region, we must free all the villages and destroy all enemy bases located there. This has the effect of considerably increasing the life of the game. As fun as they are, the release operations of a village or destruction of a military base follow the same pattern and eventually look alike, despite the difference in scale from one mission to another. Another annoying element is the fact that all areas to release / destroy are not indicated on the map. The player must explore every corner of the map to find where to act and thus to progress.


In addition, this investigation takes time. Indeed, Medici is a large country with Mediterranean and mountain environments waiting to be discovered. Despite the intense battle scenes that take place there, the fictional country created by Avalanche Studios is exotic and pleasing to the eye with its multicolored fields, mountains and seaside villages. The environments are also highlighted with great depth of field displayed by the game to cross this wide world, many vehicles are made available to the player. Cars, motorcycles, scooters, tractors (yes, you read that right), aircraft, helicopters, etc. But the player quickly discovers that the best means of transport remains Rico’s equipment. Using his grappling hook, his parachute and his “wing suit”, all three used at leisure, the player can go relatively quickly travel large areas.

CKdE636UMAAyW5_The grappling hook will also work as a destruction tool. And when it is controlled by the player, which takes patience and practice, it opens up possibilities for creating chaos rarely seen in a video game to date. In Just Cause 3, many decorative elements are destructible. And often their destruction synonymous with spectacular explosions. It does not seem an exaggeration to say that the title of Square Enix shows explosions among the most beautiful and impressive ever seen in a video game. And destroy enemy base with a style and panache, it lets off steam, and it is rewarding.  Avalanche provides many tools allowing players to be creative in terms of chaos. Besides, the developers have made no secret that the game was designed with the YouTube generation in mind. They want to see videos showing what the players manage to do with their title. You want to attach an enemy soldier to a helicopter and then send it on a giant spin? It’s possible. You want to surf on a road car to destroy a statue with a bazooka? It is also possible. And there are just two examples. With a little imagination, and talent, it is possible to stage chain reactions. Just to give more options to the player, Just Cause 3 improves equipment and vehicles used by Rico. To do this, it is necessary to retrieve gear that serve as points to spend to unlock upgrades for the vehicles (it is quite conceivable to add nitro to a simple tractor), to the hook (in order to increase the hero’s movement speed), etc. These gears can be earned by achieving the best performance possible, the many challenges (running, airplane piloting, wingsuit, etc.) on the card. Basically, only players that dive-in with the sole purpose of finding new ways to destroy everything will make full use of the possibilities offered by Just Cause 3. The impressions left by the choice made by Avalanche in terms of narration is purely subjective, it’s time to move on to things that really upset this beautiful experience. There are multiple technical problems plaguing Just Cause 3. Loading times in the game will also tempt you to switch off your console and read a book instead. Whether you start the game or respawn after death during a mission, the loading time can take several long minutes.


Just Cause offers a lot of freedom, and your creativity is also highly rewarded. Avalanche has created a gigantic, yet spectacular world. As mentioned earlier, Just Cause 3 suffers from technical issues and frustrating loading screens. If you are willing to look beyond that, then Just Cause 3 is truly a game that promises a lot of fun and chaos.

The game was reviewed on PlayStation 4.

Rating 4/5

Publisher Square Einx

Platforms PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Price – ₹ 3,499 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, ₹ 1,499 for PC

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