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Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology (India)

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  • In an era when technology is polishing up at the wink of an eye, what strategies do you pick to keep in pace with it?The best way to keep up in pace with changing technology is to monitor new innovations and changes around you. Technology developments take place according to the direct adoption by the ordinary users. I try to use as many mediums as possible to organize and simplify daily tasks it\’s incredible how a small application can make such a tremendous difference to your day. I belong to a generation that has seen technology moving from a Black and White TVs to CRTs, Flat Screen and now to LCDs and LEDs. Lets not to forget the time AIR existed when I used technology to record my favourite tunes on an audio cassette. I am a strong believer that technology advancements help one to excel irrespective of whether it\’s professional or personal life.
  • Where do you think the next phase of growth in the Indian tech market will be emerging from?Predicting about Technology growth is like predicting who will win the World Cup. We see strong players all the time but then what matters is who implements the right idea at the right time and space. There are brands that were leading in technology around 5 years ago but today have been left behind by smarter, more innovative players. On a more personal front I feel, within in the Indian tech space there is a strong growth potential in the ecommerce and e-tail sectors. With newer avenues and flexibility in payment options, this would be a promising contender to surpass existing business models.
  • What reforms do you expect from the Government of India which will favor the tech industry?I hope that the government will encourage young techies and businessmen to develop and promote new technologies, be it in the space of animation, gaming, entertainment or even the startups who would like to change the face of technology implementation, adoption or consumption. There is so much that can still be done, but we fall back because we don\’t have the funds and infrastructure or the so called right-contacts to let us grow.
  • How do you keep your business focused? Any suggestions for entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenging times?The best way to stay focused is to keep clear goals and targets. Try not to achieve too many things at once because then you lose focus. What works for me is staying with the plan. That\’s not to say that I am inflexible but it helps give you better direction while working. Also, I would recommend that one of the things that will keep you focused is self-belief. Your faith in yourself will tide you over the most difficult moments in your career.
  • What is the best advice you have ever been given?This comes from my father: Hope for the best, but always be prepared for the worst.
  • Books that have recently kept you busy?I am not in to books these days¦ it keeps me away from the real life J
  • Three words that describe you best?Three words that describe me best are maverick, mentor and meticulous
  • What\’s your opinion on social media?It\’s an excellent tool for promotions, marketing and PR. It\’s probably the coolest way for brands to engage with end consumers and understand their needs better.
  • Are you into photography? (If yes,) tips on photography for the beginners.Yes and I love to shoot nature\’s beauty at its peak: rains, summer, spring and even autumn. Lately I\’ve been fascinated with the use of natural lights in the stills.
  • Your magnum moment?A few of them: Best Marketeer of the Year Award thrice in 4 years and being part of the 151 tech Indian list.
  • Must have Winner qualities guide the young Exhibit readers.Believe in your inner instincts, they are never wrong. It helps to take the decisions faster and most of the time a right decision. Take the decision even if you are not too sure¦ a decision not taken is a wrong decision by default.
  • ˜Quotes\’ that you live by.One of my favorite quotes is from Bruce Barton. Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.
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