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Troy Malone, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Evernote Corporation

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At an era when technology is polishing up at the wink of an eye, what strategies do you pick to keep in pace with it?I use RSS feeds to a large degree. Lately such feeds are being ingested into the form of applications like FlipBoard and Zite. I prefer Zite, which seems to get smarter as I read articles of interest to me. I also listen to the radio, whether it be old-school in my car or on my iPod Nano!

  • Where do you think the next phase of growth in the Indian tech market will be emerging from?

Location based services could be very interesting in India. Connecting customers with vendors is always a good business model and India is primed for such services with its swift smart phone adoption. Apps catering to the local market should start succeeding as well.

  • What has been the strategy for your brand?

Our strategy has been to focus 100% on the product. We believe that a truly great product justifies strong word-of-mouth advertising growth. We do not spend money to promote our application; our users promote it for us.

  • Do you have any surprises in store for the world? If Yes, then by when can we expect the kitty out of the bag?

We are always working on new products and updates to our existing apps. We were pleased to bring Evernote Food and Evernote Hello to the market recently and they are performing well. I think it is safe to say that you will hear many surprising announcements from Evernote going forward.

  • What is the best advice you have ever been given?

To focus on the long-term in my business relationships; This advice was given to me by my first boss after I graduated from university. This advice rings true today as we build Evernote into a 100 year company.

  • What\’s your opinion on social media?

Social media has changed the velocity of marketing dynamics. The principles remain the same in my view, but the medium of Social Media has increased the velocity and reach to the market in a very significant way. Twitter and Facebook give companies the ability to reach their users in near real-time. Our strategy with Social Media is to keep it a marketing platform, it is not something we use for customer support or other conversations.

  • Books that have recently kept you busy?

Escape from Camp 14, which details the life of a North Korean prisoner who eventually escaped to tell his story. I am also still studying the lean startup.

  • How do you beat Monday morning blues?

With a big Monster Energy Drink!

  • Congratulations! We have a cheque for Rupees 10 crore ready? Condition: You need to spend it in next 24 Hours. Hurry!

I would pay off my home and purchase some nice classic cars that are increasing in value.

  • Your 1st achievement

My first achievement is convincing my wife to marry me. After that, three more achievements followed as my two daughters and one son.

  • Must have Winner qualities guide the young Exhibit readers.

A can-do attitude is a must have for any career advancement. Raise concerns and issues to your manager, but also provide potential solutions. This type of action-oriented behavior is lacking in today\’s marketplace and can differentiate you from your peers. My second recommendation is to do something that scares you every day. You can only improve and grow when you are pushing your limits. Make sure you are never comfortable or your professional growth will stop.A Quickfire round

  • The Mobile APPs you use:

Evernote, Zite, Dolphin Browser, HeyTell, Instagram, Expensify, Tweet Deck

  • The watch which keeps you on time:

iPod Nano with a watch band.

  • Your dream car

Audio R8

  • A gadget that you bought and immediately regretted.

I recently purchased a smart phone and I regretted the purchase almost immediately! I won\’t tell you exactly what it was.

  • Which is your preferred web store?

I don\’t have a preferred one, but I do many online purchases.

  • The car you drive?

Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Your favorite holiday destination.


  • Which mobile/smart phone are you using?

I am using an iPhone 4S, and a Samsung Galaxy Note

  • The most anticipated/awaited gadget.

The next generation of the iPhone; I\’m very curious about what the screen size will be.

  • The most expensive thing you have ever purchased online?

A bike worth about $3,500

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