Inbox By Google Will Cease To Exist By March 2019

Inbox Google shuts down
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Inbox by Google, the alternate email client from the search giant will be shutting down starting from the end of March 2019. The company announced in a blog post that it plans to now solely concentrate its efforts on improving the Gmail app.

The Inbox app was introduced 4 years back with features that were missing in the official Gmail client. Initially launched as a beta and then made available to the public in later stages, the Inbox mail client gained a large user base. This was in part due to the additional features like nudges, suggested replies that are generated by AI and getting reminder notifications for emails.

In April this year, Gmail received a new refreshed layout. Features from the Inbox mail client was rolled out to Gmail, both on the desktop and mobile versions. Google has been revamping the interface of most of its apps and services to the universal Material Design theme.

Currently, users can opt-in to use the new interface of Gmail before its final rollout to all users in the future. The new Gmail layout makes it easier to access attachments without opening the specific mail. If users need reminders to action mails, then the nudge feature sends out notifications to the user.

Gmail users can send emails that expire after the recipient reads it. This is an attempt by the company to boost its stand on privacy. Inbox by Google is available on both Android and iOS.

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