How to retrieve lost data from your Hard Drive

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Hard Drives fail. It’s a fact of life for everyone who uses a computer. If you store irreplaceable information on your hard drive, then a failure can be a catastrophe.We are here to rescue you! Read through this page and you will learn many useful ways to recover deleted files

  1. Restore from recycling bin or trash:

If you just move your data to the Recycle Bin and haven’t emptied it, just go there and select them. Tight-click them and choose Restore. Please check your recycle bin carefully before you decide to empty it.2. Recover deleted files with data recovery software:What to do If you have already emptied the Recycle bin and have no backups? In such situation, you’ll need data recovery software -EaseUS Data Discovery  wizard professional. It is a good and easy recovery tool and capable to recover deleted files from hard drive. Not only for deleted files recovery, this data recovery tool can be applied to many data loss situations, like format recovery, virus attack, system crash, raw hard drive and more3. Fix your Hard Drive:If you’re determined that your Hard Drive has a mechanical problem, you may have some difficulties to overcome. The drive might be fixable and your data recoverable, but it might require a professional repair, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.You could attempt a mechanical repair on your own, but you’ll need to find exact replacement parts from the exact model and version of the drive. This can be a huge challenge all by itself (even for professional data recovery experts). You might be able to replace a dead circuit board yourself, but spindle motors and read/write actuators are very difficult to deal with.

Hard Drive Lifespan

Some computer experts suggest that hard drives tend to fail either shortly after they’re installed or after several years of wear and tear. The expected lifespan of a drive can vary greatly, depending on the drive and how it is used, not to mention if it’s subjected to rough treatment. The average seems to be three to five years. However, don’t get complacent if your drive is only a year or two old — it isn’t a hard rule, and plenty of drives fail unexpectedly. Keep your back-ups current. 

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