How Tech Affects Our Daily Life

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All of us are leading a tech life today. And, it is not a secret that our human lives encircle around the same. Technology is changing our lives every second. Robots are the newest forms of technology, and if things turn out the way as planned, robots can control the world. Let’s take a quick look at how technology has changed our daily lives:

  • Education

Those primitive days of black board education are passe. Literally speaking, technology has changed the way we communicate and learn. These days we have smart boards and smart classes even in the rural parts of the country.
Think of somebody, keen on learning Spanish. Now-a-days, with platforms like Byjus, Udemy and Coursera, getting an online tutorial is like a child’s play. Similarly, there are different types of online content for people for different needs.

  • Communication

Communication Communicating with friends and family isn’t that hard anymore. We have mobile, internet, computer and social media to communicate with folks from anywhere in the world. Even banking has become so easy these days. Transferring money to bank accounts, and banking happens at the blink of an eye. As does official communication. Email has made our lives a lot easier. In the past, an official letter almost 10 days to reach an office. And, today it happens at the click of a mouse.

  • Lifestyle Changes

With advances in our IOS and Android platforms, our travel bags have become a bit lighter. This is due to the absence of our giant camera bag. Our mobile phone does the needful these days. Thanks to Selfies and Beauty Apps. Now, we all look more vibrant and attractive in your photos. Also, while travelling, we have stopped asking random strangers for direction, Google Maps does the needful.

  • Technology Affects Young People

The youth has a huge inclination on technology, and is dependant on it, for almost everything. Students these days refer to Wikipedia more than their classroom teacher notes. It is technology that has increased the career opportunities for the youth.People who are skilled enough,can start their own business. They have the choice to become a programmer, designer, and service providers too. Also, there are plenty of options available on Linkedin, for every job aspirant. Likewise, there are plenty of options available for dating, match making, cooking, baking and the like.

  • Health Standards

With mobile apps like Practo, people are open to a lot of options now. Which doctor is available where, what is his fees like, how to book an appointment, and what is the fees of the doctor like. Also, for people who are fitness freaks, fitness apps like Fitbit have made lives a lot more easy and trackable. Technology has its wings spread across health and it’s vast domain has been a boon. Moving on and summing up, the days ahead are going to be dominated by tech. Slowly, the world is moving and encircling around the same. The days ahead are going to be ‘techy’!

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