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HENRI PFR DJ of the month
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A DJ, musician and a composer, Henri PFR is one of the youngest and the most popular DJs at the moment. Born as Henry Peiffer on September 26, 1995 in Brussels, he has performed twice at Tomorrowland at the tender age of 22. Henry’s music – ‘Tarida’, ‘One People’, ‘Home’ reflects on the fact that he loves to make people forget about their problems and be optimistic in life. This month, Gayathri Menon talks to DJ Henri PFR to find out more about his journey and the craft of DJing.

Exhibit: At 22, you are already one of the most celebrated D J’s. How do you feel about that?
HENRI PFR: I’m just a young and enthusiastic man with a strong passion for music and travelling and I am grateful I can combine those two in my job. I do not always realize everything that has been happening around me lately, I try to enjoy everyday to the fullest.

Exhibit: Was Djing always an ambition? Tell us about your journey.
Yes! 12 years ago I discovered electronic music thanks to Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren and I immediately fell in love with this style of music. Since then, I have experienced many more genres of electronic music until I decided to focus on deep house.

Exhibit: Describe your style of music.
For my musical productions, my musical style would be slow electro (110 BPM instead of 128 BPM) for a regular electro track with some summer, happy and feel good touches. During my live sets, it’s the same thing but faster. I love what I do and want people to enjoy it with me.

Exhibit: How is the response different in the different places you play at?
No matter the place, we all love to party and dance the same way! It is true that I will adjust a little to the public I have in front of me while always respecting my musical style. That’s why in abroad I often watch the local charts to know and understand what people listen to and like to adapt my set accordingly.

Exhibit: Have you ever been to India?
I have never yet had the opportunity to play in India but it’s one of my biggest dreams. India has a culture that fascinates me and has the best cuisine too! I have only been to India on holiday with friends and it is and will remain one of my favourite trips!

Exhibit: What are your thoughts on social media and digital streaming?
What’s great about social network is that nowadays you can produce a track in the comfort of your room, share it online and reach the world. And the best part of it all is to meet the people who stream my music at festivals or concerts.

Exhibit: The best and worst thing about being a DJ? The best thing is to see people smiling and dancing during my shows.The downside is the rhythm of life. Everything goes so fast that in the end I don’t always have the time to enjoy the moment.


No matter the place, we all love to party and dance the same way! It is true that I will adjust a little to the public I have in front of me while always respecting my musical style. 


Exhibit: Do you idolize anyone?
There are a lot of artists that I respect and look up to say Kygo for instance, who brings a real live performance on stage. Martin Garrix who despite his young age is the #1 DJ in the world, David Guetta who is and will remain the boss of electro.

Exhibit: Message for our readers?
I hope I’ve caught the attention of your readers and make them want to go check out my tracks. Also I want them to listen to what I do and tell me what you think.


  • What do the tech toys in your studio look like? – An iMac, a synth, Ableton Live, 2 Speakers and me, mister Geek… haha!
  • Most expensive tech you’ve bought? – My new speakers – the Adam S3X’s.
  • The phone you own: iPhone X.
  • Most unique gadget you’ve come across: My Hand Spinner.
  • Name a favourite of your own tracks: My latest one: ‘Catching Butterflies’.
  • Favourite non-dance song: Büllow – Not A Love Song.
  • One song you thought didn’t deserve the attention it got: Despacito.
  • Favourite music festival to play at: Tomorrowland.
  • Favourite place to perform: Can’t wait to perform in India.


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