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GoPro Hero 5 Black- First Impressions

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GoPro Hero 5 Black- First ImpressionsAdrenaline rush, broken bones, silly falls and all the insane stuff that the insane side of you can think of is what exactly GoPro’s  have been capturing over the last one decade. Now GoPro  has launched the Hero 5 Black in India at Rs 38000 and the Hero 5 session at Rs 29500.  We got our hands on the Hero 5 Black in Goa for a couple of days and  here is what we think of it-15338680_1045090502280397_6579438690794337042_n How does it feel out of the box?Let’s start with the good bits first, It comes with native waterproofing i.e it comes out of the box with waterproofing and does not require a separate case to make it waterproof which was the case with its predecessor- the Hero 4. Now this waterproof ‘skin’ has increased the overall weight of the camera but this is one compromise that I am cool with, at least you don’t have to carry a separate casing now every time you take it underwater or into to wild.During our test, we managed to slip one Hero 4 Silver in knee level seawater and well, it stopped working and one of my friend who was responsible for it gave me some serious looks. I think I might have some footage of that instance as the Hero 5 was sitting somewhere comfortably under the water. hero-1How does it perform?Just like its predecessor, the GoPro Hero 5 Black shoots in 4K mode but now it can do the same at a better FPS i.e 30 instead of 25 FPS. Now for the layman, FPS is frames per second which means that it can capture more frames in each second which means you get a better quality video. You can also shoot Full HD 1080p videos at 240fps which comes in as a boon whenever are shooting a slow motion video. The Hero 5 now even gets a ‘superview’ mode which basically records at 1440p and gives the output at 1080p. GoPro’s have always been known for wide angle shots and this feature is now another added feather in the hat. The Hero 5 now also gets a ProTune mode in which is basically similar to a fully manual mode on a DSLR camera. You can adjust the white balance, ISO settings and more.  The story remains similar to the Hero 4 for still photography as the Hero 5 shoots at 12MP(similar to the Hero 4). We are yet to test out all the modes in detail and stay tuned to for a detailed review of the Hero 5 Black.hero-3Initial VerdictThe Hero 5 Black does come with some new features like voice commands, native waterproofing, GPS tagging, cloud service and video stabilization but are these enough to get rid of your Hero 4? Battery life still continues to disappoint and even the touch screen is nowhere close to being perfect. As of now, it is wise to wait for the firmware upgrade to hit the new Hero 5 which should make it a little less glitchy and worth the upgrade. PROS Native WaterproofingImage and Video QualityCONSWeak Battery LifeGlitchy Touch Screen

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