Google All Set to Unveil Its New Smartphone on October 4 2017

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Google’s hardware event is just around the corner. The company has finally come up with an official date, which is October 4, 2017.

All the previous leaks suggest that Google may hold the event a day later, on October 5. However, the company will stick to the same date that it declared the original Pixel phones on. The tech company released a video along with a list of queries that people supposedly ask the most famous search engine. And all this hinted at the potential areas where its upcoming smartphones will focus on.

“What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?” is one of the questions, along with “Why is my phone always out of storage?” and also “Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?”

The previous year’s Pixel phones majorly focused on these last two aspects. Google’s camera was one of the very best among all other smartphones. Also, free uploading (at maximum quality) of images to Google Photos suggested that it was easier to keep the phone from hitting the accessible storage cap by simply getting rid of all the physical files.

Google: Pixel 2

Most probably, a new pair of Pixel handsets will most probably make its debut at the company’s upcoming event. All this is alongside a smaller Google Home with a potentially even a new Chromebook Pixel. The device will most probably be named “Pixel 2.” And, the reports also state that once again, the device will be manufactured by HTC.  Reports also suggest that this new device will resemble the original device quite closely.

On the other hand, the larger Pixel 2 XL is expected to come from LG. The device may also feature an upgraded design. This latest design should be able to put Google on par with the latest bezel-less devices that Samsung has launched (the Galaxy S8 and Note 8). Other companies that have launched bezel-less handsets include LG (with its V30) and, of course, Apple (with the iPhone X).

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