Google Teases the Pixel 4, To Get Dual Cameras

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Even before the Pixel 3 was launched officially, the phones were already being spotted at many places, some in images whereas some in hands-on videos. It was pretty clear that the Google Pixel 4 had leaked way ahead of its official announcement. Again, there were theories that it could be possible that Google unveils a totally different phone from what was doing rounds all over the internet. People could not get over with the huge notch and kept complaining about how big it is. Soon after Google announced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, we all knew that it was the same phones which were known to the world even before Google made any attempts at teasing it.

Pixel 4

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Now it is the time of the year again when the yearly smartphone wars begin. Manufacturers have either unveiled or shall unveil new follow-ups of their previous smartphone models in the months to come, the very recent being the OnePlus 7 Pro and The Oneplus 7. Every other smartphone maker takes to the social media and releases teasers which have been a marketing trick for ages now. However, these days, manufacturers are simply posting pictures of the camera module, showcasing the camera prowess. It was last night when Google decided to join the bandwagon and before they would be treated with leaks from the rest of the world.

Google has teased the upcoming Pixel 4 in a tweet saying ‘Wait till you see what it can do’. The tweet was accompanied by the back of a smartphone which has a dual camera setup, a power button on the right side and the Google logo. The cameras are housed in a unified housing and the module itself is a bit protruding from the body of the phone. Additionally, the camera duo also packs what it seems like a LED flash and a small punch hole suggesting the addition of a microphone near the cameras. There is another small module sitting on top of both the cameras. However, it is a bit difficult to identify from the image. It could be a third camera module as well. Google has been using a single camera in the Pixel series since its inception. The Pixel images were always very discussed in terms of quality and many experts would swear by the camera performance.

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