Google Gets A Nod To Provide Android Licence To Huawei After Lift In Restriction

Google and Huawei
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Not long after US president lifted the restrictions on Huawei, Google has got the permission to give the Android licence back to Huawei. This essentially means that Google can now continue supporting and sending updates to Huawei as well as Honor Devices.

Earlier, due to strict restrictions imposed on the company, Huawei was having a tough time as well as to create a new operating system which would tackle their no android support situation. This means that the company will not focus on making their own OS and can continue selling its devices with the Android operating system. Not only this, but they will also renew their ties with support companies like Corning, ARM, Intel and Microsoft.

Huawei had previously confirmed that its other sub-brand Honor will be under the support system and will keep receiving android Q updates, as well as its other smartphones and tablets, will continue getting the security and android updates. The devices will also have access to the Google Play store and there will be no restrictions to any of the devices the company has launched or is planning to launch


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