Get Your Audio Right; Treating Your Ears With The Hi-Fi Magic

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Music has been a part and parcel of human life for a long time now. The first time sound was recorded, it was on a cylinder covered with a tin foil which converted the vibrations created by air while speaking and converted it into analogue signals or what we know as the waveform of the sound. For a certain period, the only recording of sound was possible and the reproduction was not. But in 1877, the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison invented the Phonograph later which was known to be the Gramophone.

Vinyl Player

A typical Vinyl record player with the arm and the magnetic stylus to convert the signals into sound

The invention of the Gramophone changed the way music was being consumed by the masses. The phonograph used discs made of shellac material which were available in different sizes and had the microgrooves cut on them, which when played on a gramophone, reproduced the sound being played and captured by the needle to the speakers. This format became one of the largest section of music consumption.

Vintage Stereo Setup

A home stereo setup consisting of Vinyl player, amplifier and 3-way wooded speakers

In the 19th century, the material shellac which was being used to make records was slowly being replaced by vinyl. Vinyl was cheaper and had a better life than shellac records which were quite brittle and also lost quality over usage and time. And thus, the term ‘Vinyl’ for records came into existence. The most common terminologies used were LP and EP records and a few more variations. The ones which survived the times are the EP and LP records which are even made and sold even today.

HiFi Rack 2

A vintage Sony radio tuner and amplifier

The sound recorded on a vinyl disc was pure analogue. The sound was captured on the engraved grooves which upon magnification showed waves and crests, exactly how sound is captured on an analogue medium. The magnetic needle which ran along the grooves captured those tiny movements caused by the grooves on the needle and converted them into electrical current. This current was then sent through an amplifier and fed into speakers which output the sound captured on the vinyl record.

As times progressed, other smaller formats like cassette tape and CD came into existence. These began hurting the vinyl business seriously. The advantage of having a smaller size was taking over big bulky audio equipment, turntables, tuners and amplifiers. DVDs started replacing CDs and soon the digital format using storage media took over everything else. Music now is just confined to earphones and headphone as the focus on personal devices and personal entertainment has increased.

Cassettes and CDs

Cassettes and CDs were smaller than vinyl records and took less storage space

Many audiophiles and audio purists argue on the fact that an analogue sound recording is the truest form of capturing sound. It has what is often referred to as ‘warmth’ which arguably is missing in digital recordings. The bulk of audio equipment during the ’80s was big enough and could be only used in the home or listening room in a stationary setup. HiFi (High Fidelity) systems which used turntables, cassette decks, tuners, preamplifiers and amplifiers. The speakers from that age were made wooden and often had a very high quality of sound output. This gave birth to the modern HiFi systems of the present day.

Electronic audio level displays have eventually taken over analogue VU meters in Hi-Fi systems

Today, we all the consumers of digital music. Streaming services, downloads and lot bigger storage in mobile devices have changed the way we listen and consume music. HiFi systems have now become smaller and missing are the cassette tape players, CD drives. It’s the age of digital radios, music streaming devices and smart speakers. It can also be said that people have given up on buying big bulky HiFi music systems and have taken up only smaller devices in their homes for their dose of music. Not to mention the digital age has also hurt the quality of sound which audiophiles go crazy about.

In the past few years, Vinyl records have been registering a steady growth of consumption. This proves that people still are looking for the best formats for consuming music. Enthusiasts are still and keeping the essence of music alive. It is only a very small section of people in this entire world, who take time to look into the quality of music they are listening to and happen to collect the best format in music. The steady increase in sales of Vinyl records has now encouraged music producers and artists to produce their music on vinyl format along with digital. Older artists have gone back to their original analogue recordings and have used digital mastering to extract even more out of their original recordings. This says that digital recording will be prevalent even if the world tries to shift its focus towards analogue sound formats once again.

If you are an audiophile or an enthusiast who appreciates the good quality sound, we have a set up for you that would deliver crisp sound in a smaller form factor and give you the real pleasure of listening. We do know that sound equipment can be very expensive, especially good quality speakers (not talking about cheap smaller Bluetooth speakers or home theatres). Similarly, digital stereo receivers and amplifiers are expensive too, especially the ones known for their amazing sound quality.

Tower Speakers

A typical tower speaker can be used at homes or studios

Get a good pair of Bookshelf speakers. It will be the heart of your music output. Bookshelf speakers are usually small to mid-sized speakers which either have 2-way loudspeakers or 3-way loudspeakers. Having 2 or 3 separate speakers allows it to bifurcate the sound frequencies depending on the type of speaker (Hi, Mid and Low frequency) This provides with an amazing listening experience. For a pair of decent bookshelf speakers, you can check out the Edifier 1280DB Bookshelf speakers which have a very good sound output for the price. The speakers are enough to fill a room with good sound.

The stereo receiver is going to be the one actually playing music for you. You can opt for a stereo receiver with USB in, auxiliary in and even Bluetooth. This extends your connectivity options available for you. A stereo receiver cum amplifier from Denon Or Yamaha should be good enough for all your musical needs. However, you do your research and also have a very decent budget if you are looking into something which is audiophile category.

A collection of Vinyl records

You can purchase a separate pre-amplifier in case you are using a turntable for playing vinyl records. Also, a separate amplifier would be a good idea which is separate the stereo receiver from the amplifier. The more separate components you assemble, the better it is for sound reproduction. Invest in a good quality power supply system so that all your expensive equipment stays safe. Invest in good quality original music formats or streaming services to enjoy the highest quality of sound. Music will always be a human being’s one of the most chosen ways of entertainment and relaxation.

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