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Garmin Vivofit 3 – Review

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Turn your routine into a fitness regime

Rating : 75/100I used the new Garmin Vivofit 3 and reviewed it. Here’s all the savoir-faire you need to have about it-

Tracking & Features

The Garmin Vivofit 3 fitness band is a good budget tracker that allows the wearer to track multiple activities such as walking, cycling, running, sleeping, swimming and biking. It also measures intense activities, calories & miles. Various functions in the watch are controlled using a single button below the screen; pressing and holding which turns off the dim backlight while pressing and holding it down syncs, pairs and starts the stopwatch. A slight sound notification reminds users if they have been sans activity for a long time.

Garmin Connect App

Although overwhelming for a first time user, the app looks fancy and provides detailed information and numbers that are needed to maintain record. However, for certain activities, it will only record basic data about the duration and start time. It also lets you connect with friends with the band and thus create motivating challenges. One turn off- data from the watch does not automatically sync with the app and requires you to manually keep doing so as and when you wish to take a look at the updated data.


Although Vivofit 3 is more attractive looking than its predecessors, it might not be the most stylish fitness band around. However, the micro screen and the single button do give it a clean appearance. It is also lightweight and thus comfortable to wear all day. One really cool feature is the dial that is basically a pop-out module that can be taken out from the Garmin band and inserted into an interchangeable band. This gives the user to pick the band designs as per their choice.vivofit-v3-inside


The Vivofit 3 fitness band operates on a coin battery that is found in regular watches thus making it very accessible. However, you wouldn’t have to worry about it as the Battery life is pretty satisfactory lasting a year long.

Vivofit 3 in a nutshell


  • Impressive battery life that won’t disappoint you at all
  • Instilled with basic functions for beginners and moderate users
  • Waterproof nature makes it possible to use during activities like swimming
  • Allows you to make connections with friends and create friendly fitness challenges
  • Let’s you set goals and also provides insights to monitor your fitness regime outcome


  • Manual sync requirement is quite a discrepancy that stands out the most
  • It is well-equipped with interesting and unique features that however remain very limited
  • Cannot vouch for the accuracy which, like other trackers, can be a hit and miss at times
  • Connectivity of the band with apps across all phones might be an issue as we couldn’t sync the band with one of the devices.



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