The Gambit – Asus ROG Strix GL503 Review

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When we think of gaming computers, we generally get inclined towards the desktop. As they are packed with powerful hardware that remains more cool and silent. However, if the design and cooling are correctly optimized, it is possible for a gaming laptop to outbeat the most powerful gaming desktops. The trend is changing, there is an ongoing increase in demand for gaming laptop which is portable enough to carry on-the-go.

Asus is already pioneering in gaming laptop market with their ROG series. This time they have pushed their limits with the ASUS ROG GL503 gaming laptop. The laptop has certainly improved its design and maintained slim profile to stand out from the beefy gaming laptops. The back features a ROG logo which glows Red when the laptop turns ON. There is one thing I’m thankful for, it’s that the ASUS GL503 has kept all the necessary port available for the end users. Even though the laptop is thinner than many other Intel Core i7 based gaming systems, they still provide useful ports like USB, HDMI, memory card reader and an audio jack. The laptop also comes with a bright red backlit keyboard to provide convenience while playing in the dark or badly lit areas. The ASUS GL503 is an excellent laptop that can perform multiple tasks rather than just gaming. Thanks to its 7thgeneration Intel Core i7 processor, it performs like a beast and never slows down, even when substantial software or games are in operation.

 Asus ROG Strix GL503

What about gaming?

The ASUS GL503 comes with NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card and it performs really well. I spend most of my time playing Battlefield 4, an FPS based game is actually a fairly demanding game when you run it at ultra settings. The laptop was easily able to keep up with the game when frame rate was locked at 58 FPS, with almost no dropped frames, even in the most chaotic situations. I also tested out the open world GTA V, which is also one of the graphics intensive games played well at around 50-60 FPS on ultra settings.

Price: ₹ 92,990/-
Rating: 80/100



  • 15.6-inch FHD display
  • Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • NVIDIA GTX1050


Overall, the ASUS GL503 is for those who want a lightweight, but a powerful gaming laptop. The combination of the processor and the graphics card is excellent. The Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake processor gives an additional boost to run high graphics games without breaking a sweat.

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