Gadget Of The Month – Optisafe MyHero

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In today’s world, the safety of our family is a major issue faced by our generation. It has become important to provide a comprehensive solution for your loved ones to ensure their safety. Optisafe MyHero is one of the solutions which we have come across that offers safety and security. It is an easy-to-use distress companion gadget which can be paired with iOS or Android smartphones. Designed to help people in distress, MyHero is a smart, convenient and light-weight device, which makes it extremely easy to wear or carry. In an emergency situation, MyHero is designed to give a loud sound of distress to seek help from nearby commuters.

MyHero comes with a companion app which adds a ton of features including sending SOS messages to 3 predefined contact list, it starts capturing audio/ video from the mobile camera and live-location tracking. To activate this feature, we only need to pull the upper shell to activate the gadget and start the distress signal. The distress signal is loud and can alert nearby commuters to quickly get the help required.

The Optisafe MyHero is specially designed for women safety for security from unknown strangers, as well as safety for senior citizens, in case they want help in time of health emergencies. In both the scenarios, MyHero will sound the distress signal to alert nearby people and in the meantime, it will send SOS messages, along with a recorded video/audio footage as well as live location.

Price : ₹2,999


Optisafe MyHero is a simple, easy-to-use companion device making it the best choice for senior citizens and women looking for safety and security. With impressive battery life, this is a gadget that can be relied upon to provide help when required.

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