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The Future of Technology for Travel & Tourism

The Future of Technology for Travel & Tourism
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Technology is the backbone of almost everything. It is shaping the way we travel and the way travel destinations inter Let’s talk through what travel and hospitality stakeholders look for when it comes to digital marketing this year. Check out these tech travel trends that are on the rise:


A large number of people conveniently use mobile searches before and while they are travelling as well. ”



There’s no doubt that smartphones and gadget play a vital role in digital marketing for almost all type of industries. Talking about travel and tourism, it’s important to reach out to every traveler at every micromoment. A large number of people conveniently use mobile searches before and while they are travelling as well. It comes in handy if you want to book last-minute flights, do hotel bookings or even to curb your hunger. Furthermore, big renowned hotels have started making pages on Snapchat and Instagram to attract the younger generation. It’s the need of the hour!

Virtual Reality

The trend of Virtual Reality is on the cusp of really becoming mainstream in a lot of industries. The travel industry is also more or less ready to use virtual reality. Majorly because in travel industry there’s so much to show, I guess travel brands are particularly equipped to follow this trend. This includes virtual visits to show a meeting place, wedding venue, or conference location. In travel business, it’s very important to let travelers get updated about everything they are paying for. With virtual reality, its gets easy to let travelers ‘try before they buy’ a service or product.

Live Streaming

Just like virtual reality, 360-degree videos and live streaming are great tools to show the full experience to the travels beforehand. Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat are all awesome ways for engaging potential travelers for any property or event. All these latest trends are growing rapidly and, it would no doubt bring a change and benefit the brands. To keep up with the changing tech trends, I think the future is definitely virtual reality, 360-degree videos and live streaming.

Social Media

Social media is one raging trend which is not going to fade away in the near future. It has become a really good space for travel marketers. The social media platform is especially important because it caters to a very large audience at the comfort of their home. The travelers can also give their feedback, post pictures, and even recommend a friend for making any future travel plan. The travel marketers can encourage visitors to share their hospitality experiences on the platform.

SEO Content Marketing

The SEO based content marketing is an art to make it easy for people to find things on internet. Keeping your website consistently updated with keyword-driven content will ultimately help the website with rankings in the long run. Not just blogs, or ebooks, but also videos and infographics help a brand sustain and gain visibility.

Sharing Accommodation

Accommodation sharing apps like Airbnb have completely acquired the market and I am pretty sure it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, their plan is to keep building the brand for accommodating group travels and even long-term housing in the coming years. In some big cities, Airbnb also gives option to hosts for creating experiences around the city for guests.

In my view, the marketers should embrace these tech trends with open arms as it is providing perfect opportunity for travel marketers to engage and provide better hospitality to the customers. The future is already here!


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