Future Classrooms Changing The Way Of Education

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Keeping in line with the objectives of the smart city vision, Vishakhapatnam is all set to take a big leap in developing Future classrooms. The so-called initiative is a project that is being brought to reality by collaborating with masterminds of Google and the district administrative department. In the initial phase, a total number of 31 schools have been selected for implementing Information Communication Technology (ICT). Reportedly, it shall form an active part of the pedagogy system and shall help to transform education facilitating all round growth and development.

G suite targeted at better education

The ambitious future classroom project is looking to make use of G suite to better education on all fronts. In all probability, it will be a set of applications which would include Google mail, Gdrive, hangout, and Google Calendar to instill the fervor of collaborative learning among all students. The very pilot project of future classrooms was deployed across four major states namely Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Speaking on future classroom, Bani Dhawan who heads the education department for Google India told the media how the new project has had positive outcomes within a very short time span. Now, one has connected school labs which operate to bring together all students into a common and intelligent platform of learning. Students can now use their Chromebooks and connect to G suite and access their course modules and tasks being assigned to through a smartly designed internet enabled environ for good.

Less stress, easy lives

With the ease of being connected, students can now easily study any subject of their choice and also learn at their own pace from time to time. Plus, they can also form connected study groups and work on the projects assigned by the school and finish group assignments on a real-time basis. Not only such an effort spurs the learning phase but also helps a student gain more edge through active and interactive engagement. Every single project that is now being designed to be assigned to the students by the teachers is adequately mapped to the system. To make this system a success and easily adaptable for one and all, 500 teachers have been trained to handle the technology which does reckon the learning experience to be effective. In Vishakhapatnam alone, Google managers for this very programme have been stationed in school to help teachers overcome any difficulty they face while having to work along with Future Classroom tech. It is quite a perception in India that government-run schools are never receptive of advanced teaching methods. As such, the concept of Future Classroom may be looked upon by a few as cumbersome and unnecessary not realizing fully the potential and the effectiveness. Hence, the training program has been defined in such a way that it helps teachers to spend more time in the class and less in checking the notebooks. Strictly speaking from the teacher’s perspective, the concept of Future Classroom is all the way rewarding as it saves them ample time earlier lost due to writing assignments and notes on the board, which would eat away the time for teaching.

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