Fitness Apps for your Fitness goals in 2017

fitness apps for your fitness goals in 2017
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1. The 7 Minute Workout

Platform: iOS/AndroidMost fitness apps are motivating, but this one acts like our own personal trainer. The words ‘7 minutes’ would make even a couch potato feel better about themselves after those seven minutes of workout. The 7 Minute Workout has different categories, of course.The classic workout, for those who want overall fitness. It has specific instructions and once we press start, it kicks off with a whistle and a ding to announce that the minute is over. Every workout has a gap of about 10 seconds, to allow us to catch our breath.Other workouts, such as the abs workout and the butt and leg workout, get unlocked if we keep doing the classic workout for a while.

2. Workout Trainer

Platform: iOS/AndroidWith Workout Trainer, by Skimble Inc., we have a choice of which area we want to focus on. Do you want to strengthen your core, or build some muscle, or target your upper/lower body, improve flexibility or lose weight? We can set many types of preferences based on one’s needs.The app even has a yoga schedule for those who want to work on their flexibility. We can schedule workouts with this app and can set the number of days we want to workout in a week. This app has exercise for starters, weight loss basics, health warmup, amazing abs attack, speed workout routine and more.

3. Yoga-pedia

Platform: iOS/AndroidWhat fitness regime is complete without yoga? Stay relaxed, stay flexible with the use of this app that teaches yoga even for beginners who aren’t sure of which asanas to use.This app allows the user to sort the ones that they want, based on whether they are using yoga to relieve stress or to improve flexibility or to stimulate the brain and so on. There are video instructions and 80+ asanas by category.

4. Calorie counter MyFitnessPal

Platform: iOS/AndroidYour workout is basically just one aspect of getting fit. The other aspect, a crucial one at that, is to monitor the intake of calories every day. This app lets you log your calories, and gives you access to a database with a huge list of food items, so there’s a good chance that you may find your food in it.A pro version is also available, and this app lets you login through a website as well, so you can connect to it via a PC. And not to forget, this also gives you an option to import recipes, and supports other fitness apps and wearables as well.

5. Endomondo

Platform: iOS/AndroidThis app lets you track your fitness, analyse your performance, set goals, take challenges, and even add pictures and tag your friends and do much more. The company behind this,, assures you that this app is top rated and your personal trainer. The premium version gives you access to exclusive training features for a small sum, and offers personalised training, not to forget that it is ad-free when you go premium. With support for Android Wear, you can get your calorie and nutrition information from MyFitnessPal right in the app, connect with Google Fit to add workout data to your dashboard and use your favorite wearable devices to track, including Garmin, Gear, Pebble, and Android Wear.

6. Google Fit

Platform: Android, WebGoogle’s very own fitness app cannot be ignored here. This app lets you track any activity effortlessly. Walk, run, or cycle and your phone or wearables will log that information automatically with Google Fit.As with other apps Google fit also lets you track your well-being using Android tabs, phones, wearables as well as from the web.

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