FINGERS Go Duet TWS Pods – Review | Good Sound and Affordable Price

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Personal audio space has been rapidly changing. These changes are very much in line with the modern-day technologies which are paired together to provide a great experience. FINGERS, a brand recently launched by Dynamic Conglomerate, came up with a plethora of products like earphones, Bluetooth speakers as well as power banks. The latest one from the company is the FINGERS Go Duet TWS Pods which I have been using for a few weeks.

First things first, it comes in a simple box with a magnetic closure. Inside the box, you get the charging case for the Go Duet TWS pods. Additionally, there is a charging cable included in the box. The charging case and the pods come pre-charged and so, you can start using them right out of the box. The case is small and handly and easily fits into your pockets without sticking out. Pop open the case and you can see a small LCD-display, a small button, and the cavity for the pods. The pods sit well inside the cavities, thanks to the magnetic clasp that keeps them in place.

Connecting to the pods are very easy. In-fact, you just have to take the duo out of the case and they are switched on and paired to each other automatically. The pods feature a button on the outer side which is surrounded by a LED circle emitting red and blue light while connecting and operating. Once connected, it connects itself automatically every time it has been disconnected. The earbuds look quite impressive and the overall build quality is not less than impressive.

The FINGERS Go-Duet earpods offers high-quality audio listening experience with clear sound output. The design of the earpods are angular and it fits quite comfortably in the ear. You also get spare rubber ear tips of different sizes. The audio output from the earpods are clear and the bass is quite strong. You might notice some amount of distortion at very high volumes but keep it a couple of notches lower and you will like how it sounds. With a claimed 30 hours of battery life with the 700 mAh case, it packs good quality sound.

The buttons on each of the earbuds have several functions. A single press will pause/play the track, pressing twice will forward to the next track and pressing it thrice will trigger the voice assistant on your smartphone. The Go-Duet pods are IPX5 rated, which means you can use them at the gym and other sporting activities as they are sweat resistant. Charging the earpods are relatively easy as you just have to place the pods inside the case and connect the case to a micro-USB input.

The FINGERS Go-Duet TWS pods are priced at Rs. 4199/- and can be ordered online from Amazon or the company’s website. For someone who is looking to buy an affordable wireless earpods, the Go Duet TWS pods check most of the boxes, especially with the audio output quality and the battery life. The small LED display on the case is helpful as it displays the battery percentage. The overall package is very impressive and is definitely worth the money. 

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