Find Your Art Selfie With The Help Of Google

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Google had introduced the Google Arts & Culture app in January which had taken the internet by the storm. Users across the globe were clicking their selfies with the Google Arts and Culture App to find their lookalike Doppelganger. According to the official blog post, 78 Million Art Selfies were taken and uploaded when the Application came out. For those who don’t know the application has helped users to find their Doppelganger from the museums.

Initially, the art and culture app was limited to specific regions. But according to a recent blog post, the application will be available worldwide. Google has doubled the number of artworks available as the company has collaborated with new partners.

The Art Selfie relies on machine learning to get the best match. When you click selfie, your face is automatically compared to all the portraits available in the database of the images provided by their partners. Once you have your match you can see the percentage of resemblance between your face and the face provided by the application. You can easily find your lookalike who probably lived thousands of years ago.

The tech giant has been known for making sure people keep engaging tech and art together and this is just one step towards it. With the new Google Art and Culture app, the users can find their doppelganger, discover their lookalike they never even know existed, find a new artist and know more about the artist. With the Google Art and Culture app going global, we now have to see how people find their lookalikes from the centuries of the past.You can find the Google Art and Culture App on the Play Store and the App store.

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