F&D A180X – Wireless Acoustics On Budget

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Rating : 90/100 Price :  3,990/-


  • 2.1 Speaker Setup
  • 42 Watt RMS
  • 100 Radio Stations, USB and SD Card
  • Bluetooth Wireless Playback


We at Exhibit are a fan of sumptuous products and rarely look at the budget segment, but the perception of value for money is changing rapidly across the electronics segment. The most recent and largest wave was seen in  smartphones where budget phones came in metal and outperformed phones much larger in cost! F&D A180X gave us a similar feel when we turned them on. How good are these?


The speakers come in a 2.1 setup with a subwoofer and set of stereo speakers. The speakers are fairly compact and stylish with grill meshes than flow with consistent geometrical lines making them visually appealing. The matte and glossy finish makes them ideal for any setup. They are fairly light weight and ideal for home entertainment or a gaming setup or as one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers one can afford.


The A180X boasts of a 42-watt sound system, powered by two satellite speakers and one sub-woofer unit for bass. The speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity up to 15 meters, can be setup with any device that supports a standard 3.5mm audio jack, as well as allows you direct- playback through an SD card slot or USB connectivity. The speaker additionally lets you connect to your DVD player or TV sets with its RCA connectivity. A built-in FM-Radio Player enables you to listen to the radio to the speakers directly, and its in-built memory allows for storage of up to 100 of your favourite radio stations so you can re-visit them quickly. The speakers can be controlled from a distance with its Fluorescence wireless remote for easy usage and handling. What’s more is that the speakers also have an LED display for easy reading from all angles.Coming to the way they sound – One word – Amazing! Although the speakers seem fairly similar to most other speakers in the market, Bluetooth wireless connectivity made it the weapon of choice at our office whenever we wanted to consume anything multi-media. Pairing was fairly simple and the speakers have enough oomph to wake your neighbours. Be it soulful instruments or heart thumping bass, the speakers never failed to impress us. It was almost unbelievable that these speakers cost so less and yet come close to being awarded the best Bluetooth speakers one can buy across price ranges.


At the price, these speakers are a no brainer. We recommend these for their amazing acoustics and one of the best bass responses that rattled our office in a long time. If you are looking at the most capable Bluetooth speaker that wouldn’t bring a dent to your wallet, get these at the earliest!

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