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Exhibit Farhan Akhtar 02He has swooned us by being a Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor, Playback Singer, Lyricist and Television host all in one. He looks serious and speaks less but when he does, it’s to the point and could leave you in splits of laughter. He was absolutely fit and chiseled when we met him recently for the shoot and that body paired with the husky voice can make your eyes and ear melt! We chuckled over his quirky response while he promptly answered some of our nosy questions. We will give him 10/10 on all the well-placed answers which he quipped in his signature husky, muffled voice and realized that his brain works different than most, and we’re not surprised. Right from directing a cult film to acting in one (actually two), to leaving a mark with a noteworthy biopic and becoming a singer on the way in his own band – Farhan Akhtar has aced everything he put his mind to and with what perfection. Farhan came as a package of brilliance, humour, coolness and just the right amount of starry reclusiveness. Here’s an excerpt from the super interesting conversation he had with Harsha Prerna, where she tried to know what the “Quintessential Multitasker Farhan Akhtar” is like and a whole lot of tech trivia, obviously!

#You hit bulls-eye with your very first film “Dil Chahta Hai” and have always been delivering quality cinema. Was Bollywood always on the cards?
FA: In some way or the other yes. I was always interested in entertaining people. I was always a huge cinema buff myself. But, actually somewhere in my subconscious I knew that it probably was going to be this line of work. And, of course environment plays a big role.

#How do you balance the varied roles you play professionally and personally?
FA: Well, like anybody else who enjoys doing their work and who enjoys spending time with their near and dear ones. You find a way to do it. I mean, the things that are important, you always make time for it.The thing is that there are relationships that are professional and you know that will last till the duration of your work together. Everyone moves on to other films till you meet again on another project. And, then there are a few people who you will consider more than just working associates. It’s just that your friends outside film family are priority.



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