FALLOUT 4 – Open-world at its best

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First Impression:

The fifth major installment in the Fallout series generated a lot of hype post announcement. While Fallout: New Vegas wasn’t a runaway success, it managed to satisfy many. Bethesda is one of the kings of RPG. And now, Bethesda Softworks has put all eggs in one basket to complete one of its most difficult missions: to meet expectations of one of the most anticipated releases.


It is here. RPG fans had spent years looking forward to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Bethesda, and finally they have it. And, you know what? The wait was worth it. The studio behind The Elder Scrolls series returns here to the brand that has worked since 2008 to honor the majestic original creation of Black Isle. And Fallout 4 shows everything that has characterized the work of its leaders, and what has made them great. The game has a gigantic world and is nothing short of overwhelming. They have filled every corner with obsessive detail level that we expect. If you want a hundred hours of entertainment that does not fall flat on its face, this is your game, and if you want an immersive experience that is capable of an amazing quality to redefine the depth of extreme possibilities.

017496The game starts slowly, but it picks up eventually. You play as a man or woman who has everything you could ask for, a beautiful home, a wonderful family and all the luxuries of this life of science fiction that includes the sympathetic and willing Codsworth robot. Then, a nuclear holocaust breaks the period of quiet peace and sends the inevitable message that has been sending the series since its inception in terms of unwavering inclination of human beings for selfdestruction. And hence, begins a campaign that takes half an hour to build your world and show you how to survive in it. It is a pleasure to go around in the world of Fallout 4 and stumble upon objects, characters and missions.

The strength of this game, as it was in the previous one, are its sub-plots. For example, entering a house and knowing all the details of the family who lived in it through letters, computers, audio tapes… or walk into a store and discover the petty intrigues of those who were managing, if along with each other or if the owners were a couple and he was unfaithful to her. Bethesda characters also have great charisma and contexts behind him, only what is not in their memorable heroes like in most RPGs franchises. The game’s protagonists are us, and write the story, deepening lot or a little, depending on what interests us in each of their lives. The script Fallout 4 is as good or bad as you want based on how much do delve into it, although it is true that continues to use narrative formulas that after the recent adventure of Geralt of Rivia in Witcher 3 can be somewhat anachronistic. The campaign is divided into primary and secondary missions. The key narrative is a detective story investigating a disappearance that, beyond offering a nice tribute to traditional black film passed through a sieve cyberpunk, is quite conventional. But all around there are strangers who cross us as we discover places. In addition, there are many ethical decisions throughout the game that are quite important at some point.Boston as a backdrop is gorgeous and is massive. Without going into absurd controversy over how big it is, we can say that it is more than Fallout 3 mapping, but as always what really matters is its density.

One of the fundamental aspects of Fallout 4 is functioning within the scales of pure and simple survival, and in that sense everything about exploring to find food, materials or weapons and ammunition simply remains as important and satisfying as ever. There is no better way to feel in a post-apocalyptic world playing Fallout 4 with a high difficulty and passing hard time to get ahead: having to rummage through the drawers of houses abandoned by families who lived, drinking water from puddles questionable hygiene or plundered from the bodies of victims of a skirmish between soldiers and super mutants we see from a distance and in which we did not dare to intervene for fear of being massacred. This saga makes us feel comfortable as scavengers … But makes it so much fun!


Fallout 4 is devoted to improve and enlarge what we saw in the already great predecessor. The return to the post-apocalyptic world that brings true joy. You will have to invest long hours in Fallout 4 and every one of them is worth it.It is difficult to find a game that keeps you glued to your console like Fallout 4. Everything from customization to survival in a massive world make Fallout 4 a must buy game.

Reviewed By: OmarPrice – Rs. 4,299 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One | Rs. 3,299 for PCPublisher – Bethesda SoftworksReviewed on – PlayStation 4

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