Facebook Shakes Up Oculus To Upscale Tech

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With a view to reorganize their virtual and augmented reality team, Facebook is eyeing to make an impact with technology, barring choice for individual devices. Working from a product based perspective; the company is looking to up its functional structure with keen focus on tech expertise. Reportedly, the changes thus introduce were strictly internal in nature and won’t have any effect on the consumer end or developing partners. CTO John Carmack along with the co-founder & Head of PC VR Nate Mitchell will continue to function in their leadership position and there has been no news of any layoffs. The decision to re-organize follows the exit of Oculus’s co-founder Iribe just a fortnight earlier. Iribe’s decision to leave Oculus is nothing new but the important one after last year’s exit of Palmer Luckey, another co-founder of the company. Iribe’s decision to leave Facebook is due an internal issue within Facebook’s virtual reality division that lingered and cancelled the development of Rift 2 virtual reality headset (A PC powered invention). The development team for Rift 2 was headed none other than Iribe and the executive members of Facebook was quoted having “fundamentally different views “which they felt would jeopardize the future of Oculus over time.


Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus dates back to 2014. However, the field of virtual reality is still quite a niche segment and remains restricted to video game lovers craving for a wholesome and riveting entertainment. Oculus Quest that was unveiled in September s expected to see the dawn of the day in early 2019 as Mark Zuckerberg ushers in plans for expanding the appeal of virtual reality. Early this year, Oculus has shared their vision for headsets that are ultra-thin and would offer more comfort and agility. However, this also raised issues of duplication. Now, instead of having PC powered and stand-alone teams to combat such emerging issues to keep a track line of their own set of products, the company could have resorted to a string of common challenges. As such, any good idea will be accepted and more likely to be spread and appreciated among the network. The move to shake up the strategy for the virtual reality wing is also aligned to Facebook’s plan for inclusion of satellite divisions by bringing the same to the mainframe.


Speaking of first ever true all in on virtual reality gaming system, Oculus Quest has an onboard display, storage and GPU. The Quest also has the obvious virtual reality headset with a couple of controllers that are all the way wireless and hence offer independent support for any console or PC. It is also bestowed with the unique room scaling that allows anyone to walk around in a room while they are playing the game which significantly delivers a more immersive experience. With the sensors placed directly on to the headset, there will be no requirement for any additional sensors. In all probability, the Quest will also be the first ever wireless headset with virtual reality experience that can truly commensurate the Rift.

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