Facebook Messenger – Do you think you know everything about it?

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Facebook made you download Messenger app when they stopped allowing you to send messages in-app. Fortunately, Facebook Messenger has come a long way since then and has been adding really awesome features lately. We are listing down a few things that you didn’t know you could do with Facebook Messenger!

Emojis on the Face

Facebook now has a new feature where you can put the emoji on your face during a video call. Yes, your face can express reactions but it would make the conversation more fun, if you add giant tear drops to make it look more dramatic. You have more options at the bottom of the screen for adding filters, masks, and reactions. Try them for extra fun!

Secret Conversations

People who want to have a private chat can use this feature. This not only makes the messages encrypted, but also set the message to delete within a specific time after being seen. There are two ways to enter a secret conversation, either you start a new one and then toggle the symbol with a padlock or if you are already chatting with someone, you can convert it by tapping on the ‘i’ logo in the top right corner and then Go to Secret Conversation.

Plan a Restaurant

Meeting Group meetings can be really tiring. Now, you can plan it in a chat giving details about the place and timings. In the same app, now you can book a table and share the booking with the group. Tap on the ‘blue plus’ symbol in the left bottom of the screen, and then open the ‘OpenTable app’.

Create a Spotify playlist together

Passing the AUX cable on a car journey is soon going to be history. The future is creating a group playlist on Spotify in Messenger, which means everyone gets their say. To create a group playlist, first of all create a group of people who you want to give the control over the playlist. After that, tap on the ‘blue plus’ logo in the left bottom, then create a playlist and share it with the whole group. Let’s roll with the Spotify app!

Share Messenger Code

With many people sharing the same user name, finding someone on Facebook is getting really difficult. If you don’t know, each user has their unique Messenger Code that can be scanned for starting a new chat. To do this, tap on the blue square icon on the bottom, and then click on scan Messenger code. You’ll get an option to either take a picture of a code or display your own. Point your camera at the code and enter in a chat.


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