Exhibit picks the best travel apps

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  1. Google trips

Just like any other Google service, this one is very useful for the many chores it does for you. Whether you are looking for things to do, places to eat, or even creating a flight itinerary, the app does it all for you. It can also create a half day or full day itinerary according to your travel plans and if you don’t like the itinerary, the app will create a new one for you.

  1. Culture trip

Research goes a long way before you set foot into any new place. Sure, browsing through multiple websites also helps. However, through personal experience, try simply typing out the name of the place you are visiting and find all the articles written by authors on this place on Culture trips- be it suggestions, best places in the place, things to do and things to eat. Very handy!

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is easily one of the most straightforward and easy to follow ways to find a place to stay in over 191 countries all over the world. It lets you find cheap and quick accommodation in a hassle free manner!

  1. Hostelworld/

Easily one of the most useful apps. Why? They are wholesome directories of all the hostels/hotels in the place you are visiting with filters for the tariff and the ratings. It gives you reviews by previous travelers, shows pictures, makes bookings (sometimes refundable too) and not to mention give all the information required.

  1. Google translate

Quite obvious from its name, the app helps you translate a word/phrase from one language to another. So you no longer have to go the long way to say hello to a local in their native language or even ask questions and actually talk!

  1. Hopper

Plane tickets can be the worst scare for travelers and hence need a good amount of planning and research. For those looking for the cheapest fares across all airlines, Hopper, the award-winning app, is the app to have on your phone. Like fellow app Kayak, Hopper provides prices for the whole month and also gives push notifications for when you should buy your ticket.

  1. Rome to Rio

Navigating places globally can be harder than finding where local places are. Imagine having to figure out how to get from one country to another or a city to another. To do the same, Rome2Rio is one of the most helpful apps. It consists of route information from over 4,800 transport operators in over 158 countries and also instantly displays flight, train, bus, ferry and driving options with estimated travel times and fares.

  1. Packpoint

This app makes life easier and more convenient by making you a list of all the things you’d require for your trip. Packpoint automatically generates a customised packing list for your trip; all you need to do is enter the destination, date of travel and length of stay along with some of the activities you are planning to do. It is also very easy to tweak the list if the suggestions aren’t as per your preference.

  1. Solo traveller

The world is massive but apps like these help make it smaller. If you’re traveling solo, this app can be your best companion to find other like-minded people who might also be traveling alone, connect with locals or share

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