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ECOCAPSULE – Now Camp Anywhere On Earth!

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EcoCapsule is a self sufficient eco-pod that is completely ecofriendly. The best thing is it can be shipped anywhere on the globe transforming our usual outdoor camps. EcoCapsule is shaped like an egg and has been designed by a Slovakian design firm Nice Architects. It can easily house two people for a year including luxuries like 24/7 running water, hot food and warm comfortable bed. The company first started working on it back in April 2008. They even designed various visualizations for illustrating how it might be used in different remote places and also hillsides.

After giving years of hard work, the capsule was rolled out at a design festival. Thousands of pre-orders have been received already and it’s definitely making a buzz. The ‘Ecocapsule‘ is a mini apartment with all the conventional luxuries you would expect like a warm bed, running water, hot food, but generates its own clean energy and can be situated anywhere, from city to tundra. It has a retractable 750W wind turbine in which the curved shape increases energy efficiency and allows for the rainwater collection. It even makes the water fit for drinking with the help of its built-in filter system feature that can safeguard the human consumption. EcoCapsule is powered by 2.6m2 solar cells which covers the roof. It also consists of a kitchenette, toilet, shower, dining and work area. I think, this is really helpful for remote areas. Furthermore, Nice Architects is hoping to produce a few different types along with a ‘Camper’ which is a trailer-based unit especially for easy transport.


“ EcoCapsule is powered by 2.6m2 solar cells which covers the roof. It also consists of a kitchenette, toilet, shower, dining and work area. ”


According to Nice Partner Igor Zacek, “We were not prepared for the reaction. We started small but now we have to revise our model”. He also believes that EcoCapsule offers solutions for city dwellers who suffer exorbitant rents and overcrowded situations. He also said, “We talked about areas with high rents. Google used to house employees in a van until they could afford to buy a house. This could be a better solution. It seems quite small from outside, but spacious from inside. There are a lot of options where to go (in future), once we are established on the market, we can play with scenarios”.

The egg shaped house – EcoCapsule is a popular concept for green living spaces. However, when this reaches the market, we are definitely hoping to create more buzz!

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