Dynamic Conglomerate Announces It’s Maiden Brand ‘FINGERS’

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Dynamic Conglomerate, a newly found company by veterans in the Information Technology industry, has announced the launch of their lifestyle and telecom and consumer electronics brand ‘FINGERS’

The company is currently delving into the mass consumer electronics and IT peripherals and will soon be introducing their full range of products in India. The company has taken the mass consumer electronics segment very seriously and has products that would cater to most of the sections. Talking about the new brand, FINGERS, the company wants to align its technological interests with the people and come up with products which enhance the experience of day to day life.


With more than 40+ products in their current portfolio, including IT peripherals and mobile phone accessories among which three products are a first in the world. The lineup consists of earphones, wireless headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, computer peripherals etc. Currently, the company is gearing up of supply and logistics across the country and will foray both in the online as well as offline space. Moreover, the company has also targetted on more number of products and aims to become the No. 1 Indian brand for the millennials.


Talking about the products showcased at the launch, consisting of the Chic BT5 earphones, which get fast charging and has a playback time of 2 hours with only 5 minutes of charging. The second was the FINGERS Resonance Bluetooth in-ear headphone with 3D-Resonance technology, high-quality sound and a playback time of 15 hours. The Sugar and Spice over the ear wireless headphones come with contrasting colours for each side of the headset.

With such unique products, Dynamic Conglomerate is looking forward to gaining a significant amount of the accessories market in the coming years. Fingers also have a full range of wired earphones, wireless headphones, Bluetooth enabled speakers, a tough party speaker, power banks, keyboard and mice, chargers and charging cables which light up with sound or touch while supporting fast charging. The company will officially begin selling the products soon and will be available on online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon along with chain electronic retail outlets and private retailers across the country.

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