Driving to glory the “Saif” way

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Saif Ali Khan Pataudi - Exhibit Magazine June17 - 03Saif Ali Khan Pataudi never plays it Saif – I mean, safe. He never gets modest to the point of being boring. When you meet him and if he is in his elements, you are in for a good ride. I just had a 3-hour exclusive drive with him in the all-new 4 X 4 Volkswagen Tiguan. As he is the first one in the country to officially drive the Tiguan, I popped him the question if he would give me a drive around this time. He instantly said, all right, took a U-turn and we drove off to Lonavla before hitting St.Regis, which was the original plan. Call it his love for cars or our conversation or when he discovered that Tiguan means Adventure. What followed was a free flowing talk that covered Roads, Cars, Tech, Girlfriends, Friends, Japan, Books, Music, Sex Robots, Kilimanjaro – in short, don’t think any topic was left untouched. I have known him for quite some time but if you meet him for the first time, he not only comes across as a philosophical man but also someone who can brighten up your day with his candour and ease. He has a light-hearted way of spilling great secrets. The Nawab of Pataudi is known for his wit, intellect and sobering realness. It was a delightful getaway with Saif’s refreshing openness. It’s very uncommon to find him in a chatty mood though, but this time it was spiritually enlightening with a lot of quotable quotes. Here is an excerpt from our long drive chat which can be made public.


RS: Any tech gadget you’re eyeing right now?
SaifYes, a great headphone and a a big TV may be 85-inches or more and ofcourse has to be smart to play all the streaming channels directly.

RS: What is the next big thing in tech that looks promising to you?
SaifI think Virtual Reality! It has a lot of scopes.


I think the Tiguan is great, The 4Motion is really responsive and the car is always in control which leads to fun drive. The drive mode selection also helps with different terrains.

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