DJI Introduces Osmo Mobile 3 – A Foldable Gimbal For Smartphones

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We all have heard of DJI, one of the biggest pioneers of Drones and Aerial photography. DJI is known for its cutting edge products which specially cater to the filmmaking market at large. From Gimbals to high-end drones, DJI has put themselves in a respectable position in the last few years.

In the latest move, DJI has announced its latest advancement in the form of the Osmo Mobile 3. The Osmo Mobile 3 is said to offer a few interesting features, both on a software and hardware level. 

Coming to the Osmo Mobile 3, it is smaller and more compact and takes less space. It features a few modes like Sport Mode, Story Mode, Active Track 3.0. Moreover, gesture support has also been added to the Osmo Mobile 3.

The Active Track 3.0 can track fast-paced moving objects like your pets or kids playing. The Story Mode allows you to pre-apply a video template of your choice and later turns that video into a finished video clip with added music. You can also record Hyperlapse and Timelapse videos on the Osmo Mobile 3 and it allows you to take a 180-degree panorama and selfies with gesture control. You can use any smartphone on the gimbal along with DJI Mimo app for maximizing its capabilities. 

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is priced at $ 119 and we expect it to arrive at the Indian shores soon. You can also add $ 20 and get an additional tripod.

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