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For the special September issue, Exhibit chatted up with DJ NYK, one of the most popular DJs of India who even though is known for his Bollywood mixes, does not like to be confined to genres. In an exclusive conversation, we learnt about DJ NYK’s tech preferences, love for music and life philosophies.


Until last year, I looked at life and my career very differently. I feel more enlightened now and don’t have any regrets. Everything that’s happening in one’s life or career is happening for a reason.


Exhibit: Tell us about your journey.
DJ NYK: It’s been a great ride. I’ve been DJ’ing for the last 14 years and have been fortunate to score official remixes for 15 Bollywood movies. Over the years, I’ve released original electronic music as well on International Record labels. I also became the first Indian DJ to score a remix for a Sony Playstation Video game. I have to my credit the inception of Podcasts and Syncronized Video Dj’ing in India. My Bollywood Podcast ‘Electronyk Podcast’ is the most popular Indian Music Podcast which has topped the iTunes chart and was also the #1 trend in India on Twitter. I hosted my own radio mix show on 94.3 MY FM and would be announcing a new one later this year on a new FM Station. I toured 52 cities worldwide and its been an amazing journey to experience different cultures & places. As a touring DJ, I get to play for different audience every time and get to meet interesting people from all walks of life. I think I have the best job in the world!

Exhibit: Look back and tell us about your early days of DJing and the influences that shaped your craft.
DJ NYK: I was into Music since childhood and wanted to become a Music Director one day. Dj’ing is something that has happened to me on the way. I started producing my own music/remixes much before I got into Dj’ing. At the school level I tried to make remixes which fortunately resulted in great liking of my classmates and the teachers as well. I could see people dance on the said remixes. So I needed a medium where I could share my productions more effectively and that medium was DJ’ing. The very essence of DJ’ing is to share the music with people which is why I got into this profession – to share my music with people. While I was pursuing a career in Music, my family was undergoing a financial crisis so it was quite a struggle but the support my family has rendered to me over the years has played a vital role in my success.

Exhibit: How would you like to describe your own style of music?
DJ NYK: Music Beyond Genres! Over the years, people have come to know me for Bollywood Music. But as an artist, I’ve always been open to all sounds since the beginning of my career as a DJ/producer.

Exhibit: Tell us about your dream gig.
DJ NYK: Dream gig is the Full Version India wide tour of my live act Electronyk Show. It involves state of the art technology and visual arts. It would be an arena style show with synchronized 2D & 3D visuals, programmed lighting, giant LED Walls & Pyro techniques. An audio-videolighting spectacle, basically. However, it’s challenging to put out the full version of the Electronyk show without a corporate financial backing.

Exhibit: DJ NYK and Tech- what is the relationship like? How techy are you personally on a scale of 1-5?
DJ NYK: 3 – Nor too techy nor too dumb. I like exploring the essentials and technology that helps me push my live shows & music productions.

Exhibit: Name some of the gadgets that are most useful for professional purposes.
DJ NYK: As a music lover, I love the V-Moda’s quality wireless headphones. It makes life tangle free. Pendrives, Serato and Traktor soundcards have also made it easier to carry and perform music.

Exhibit: What is the quirkiest thing you’ve read about yourself on social media?
DJ NYK: That I have a brother who lives abroad who makes all my music.

Exhibit: Seeing in hindsight, what would you have done differently in your career?
DJ NYK: Until last year, I looked at life and my career very differently. I feel more enlightened now and don’t have any regrets. Everything that’s happening in one’s life or career is happening for a reason.


  • One genre you’d like to try that’s not EDM: Ambient and Sufi Music.
  • One song you think didn’t deserve the attention it got: I’d rather not say. But it was a punjabi song that came out last year.
  • Undying mantra of your life: Never become slave to one style of music. Believe in Music beyond genres and keep it REAL!
  • Your favorite track from your own music: My recent EDM single with English vocals ‘Wild Horses’ released on my imprint Play Life Records.
  • Most unique tech gadget: Sea Board by Roli and SoundSwitch.
  • Best piece of advice given to you: I remember when I was a kid, my dad gave me the rule of 2 P’s to succeed in life : Patience and Perseverance.
  • One advice you would like to give: Live your dreams and be fearless. There are no rules, so don’t be a player, be the fucking GAME!
  • One quintessential day in the life of NYK: Eat healthy, exercise, make music, be grateful for all that I have, sleep well and repeat!
  • Most useful tech gadget: Has to be my Samsung S8, the best smart phone in the world.
  • One never dying mantra of your life: Push through pain and adversity. Adversity is your advantage.
  • Must have gadget that’s not your laptop or phone: A portable soundcard for when I’m on the road & my ear phones.
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