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DJ of the month – DJ IVAN

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Ex: You have a fascinating repertoire of having performed for big brands and big events, alike. Tell us about your early days of DJing and the influences that shaped your craft.
DJ Ivan: While I was growing up, everyone in my family played records throughout the day. I also grew up listening to a lot of different types of music. So, music was constantly around me. Even in my early college days, I was associated with a lot of music and dancing. So, it’s natural for me to get into music and DJing after my graduation.

Ex: Can you talk about the difference that you have noticed in the EDM scenes here in India and abroad?
IV: It’s not much different except that there are a lot more people into EDM in India than abroad at the moment. EDM abroad is on its way out; it’s more house music now.

Ex: Which has been your most memorable performance so far and what was it like?
IV: It was fantastic! I had played at the World’s biggest and best nightclub called Ministry Of Sound in London. It was a phenomenal experience as people from all around the world were present there who connected to my music and I could connect to them through my music. It was very satisfying to know that my music could be transformed to appeal any audience from any part of the world.

Ex: You believe in making music that incorporates strong words and good music. Can you elaborate this style of music that sets you apart?
IV: Through all the different styles and how music has evolved, the one thing that remains constant is the soul in my music, and by soul I mean something sweet that any audience can connect to. I have been doing this for 24 years now and that remains the essence of my set.

Ex: What is the music scene like in Bangalore?
IV: Bangalore has always been a very cosmopolitan city. People are very open-minded about their music, and they are always willing to experiment and learn new things. There is a respect for the DJs and people accept whatever we play.

Ex: A mix can either make or break the mood of the audience. Do you believe in reading the audience to shape up the course of the show you’re playing for?
IV: It’s a mixture of both. There will be a preparation knowing what kind of show I am playing in, which city I am playing and to what audience I am playing, to which size club I am playing. Depending on the number of people, how they are responding, we might modulate a little bit but not too much. It of what we are going to play.

Ex: Technology has made great advances in the way you produce and mix a song using the software’s available today, and promote it using social media. How is technology helping you professionally and personally?
IV: Technology is amazing! However,  it’s almost like we have to go back to school, either by spending 6 hrs every night learning new softwares and doing YouTube tutorials. So, every time technology comes out, we need to stay on top of it to stay on top of the game. If you are using it well, then technology will give you an edge over the rest of the competition.

Ex: You have a fetish for watches. Which is your favorite watch, the one you currently own and the one you have your eyes on at the moment.
IV: I love watches but not the expensive ones. I like a lot of different watches like the colorful ones. I had the Apple watch a while ago in different colors but right now, I am wearing an Armani Exchange, which is my favorite clothing brand.

Ex: Where do you see the electronic music scene heading in the next 5 years?
IV: It’s going to blow up. India is going to be the capital of dance music in the world because of the sheer number of people we have in our country- 1 billion plus people. So the potential is just enormous. There is no looking back. 28 I I NOV 16 exclusive

Ex: Which is the most hyped track that does not deserve the attention it got?
IV: That stupid Pineapple song that’s coming in. It is irritating.

Ex: With the EDM scene becoming huge in India and its appeal abroad, what would your dream gig be like and where?
IV: I would love to play on the beaches of Ibiza which, for me is the dance capital of the world. I would love to come up with a track to play there.

 Every time technology comes out, we need to stay on top of it to stay on the top of the game. If you are using it well, then technology will give you an edge over the rest of the competition best.


a) Gadget you can’t do without other than your laptop and smartphone: Pendrive that stores my music

b) A unique gadget you own: A cablepin push controller which helps to make music really fast

c) One track that never gets old for you: ‘Hey, Hey’ by Dennis Ferrer

d) Most promising up-andcoming sub-genre in electronic music: Very Disco and funk.

e) Your inspiration: A lot of DJ’s like David Morales, Frankie Metalz and very old school, pure house music DJs

f) One pre-gig ritual: Go to the church and pray

g) If not a DJ, then what would you be: A hair-dresser

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