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DJ of the month – ANISH SOOD

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DJ Anish SoodIf you’re into Electronic music, then there is absolutely no way you haven’t heard about this young and extremely talented DJ who once opened up for David Guetta in the beginning of his career only before becoming the huge brand he is now. This month, we got together with Anish Sood to find out more about his profession, his tech savviness and other fun trivia. Find out all about him here –

Exhibit: You went on tour this year, have won several awards and are one of the most popular artists of the country at the moment. Life is good. What are your thoughts on this popularity?
Anish: I’m really, really grateful. I don’t focus on the popularity; for me it’s all about writing good music, playing better shows and pushing the boundary to deliver a superior experience for my fans.

Exhibit: You grew up in a musical background and that explains your inclination towards music. You have also been DJing since a while but you hold an engineering degree, too. What encouraged this shift?
AS: I started collecting music as a kid and once I had built up a formidable collection, I started DJing in high school. Music was never a career I intended to pursue; it started off purely as a hobby and very naturally transformed into a career. It’s definitely my love of dance music that kept pushing me to work harder and grow as a musician.

Exhibit: You make your own music, mix it and also produce it, too. Can you tell us about your style of music and your process of making music?
AS: Mainly I produce and perform House music. I begin writing most of my tracks on the piano unless I’m collaborating with a singer in which case either he/she sends me a hook or I write a bunch of chords down and send it over for vocal ideas.

Exhibit: How would you like to describe the Electronic music scene in India? Where do you see it heading in the next 5 years?
AS: I think we have a fantastic scene in India at the moment. Electronic music has really grown and there’s a great balance between mainstream festivals and underground club shows. The only thing holding us back right now is regulation. We need a few clubs in every city that can run until 5-6am so that DJs can really stretch out and play extended sets; that’s where the magic happens.

Exhibit: Having played in India as well as internationally, what difference between the two have you seen with regards to the Electronic music scene?
AS: I personally feel Indian audiences are amazing. International audiences, especially in Europe, may understand electronic music better, but there’s this raw energy and excitement in Indian crowds that’s infectious!

Exhibit: A mix can either make or break the mood. How important is reading the audience and their receptivity during a gig in order to shape up the course of the evening?
AS: A lot of people don’t realize this, but DJing is an art in itself. There is a tremendous amount of skill required in picking the right record to play next while keeping the crowd engaged. Most DJs today play Top 40 hits in their sets and it’s very easy to play one hit after another. But try playing a set filled with completely unknown tracks to a room and you’ll realize how difficult it can be.

Exhibit: What is the relationship between Anish and Tech like? How dependent are you on Tech professionally and personally?
AS: Very, very dependent. I’ve always been a geek growing up. I started writing code in the 7th grade so I’ve always really been clued into tech and the tech world.

Exhibit: Which music softwares and equipment are a must for your recording processes?
AS: I use Apple’s Logic Pro as my main digital audio workstation. This runs on a 15” Macbook Pro along with twin SSD drives for my samples. I use Universal Audio and FabFilter plugins for mixing and mastering. On the hardware front, I have two synthesizers- the Korg Minilogue and Moog Sub 37. I use a pair of Focal Twins for monitoring.

Exhibit: You have played alongside popular International artists like David Guetta and Steve Aoki and have played at all the major music festivals. What has been the best experience and which was your most favorite gig?
AS: Definitely opening for David Guetta on his maiden India tour in 2012. It was the first time I was playing to an arena sized audience and it was truly an amazing experience; I have some really fond memories!

Exhibit: What is the best and the worst thing about being in this profession? How would you like to describe the life of a DJ?
AS: The best thing for me, personally is sharing the music I love with new people every weekend and watching them walk out with smiles on their faces. The worst thing is that the constant touring disconnects you from your friends and family and it becomes hard to maintain relationships and keep up commitments.

Exhibit: Seeing in hindsight, what would you have done differently in your career?
AS: Absolutely nothing! I’m extremely grateful for the incredible love and support I’ve received from my fans and the industry.

Exhibit: What should your fans await from you next?
AS: I’m currently writing my first fulllength album and the first single dropped in December. The full album should be out around May and it also features a bunch of really exciting collaborations!

Quick Q&A

a. Car you drive: Hyundai i20
b. Instruments you play: Piano
c. One quintessential day in the life of Anish: Eat, Gym, Studio, Sleep
d. If not a DJ then what: Photographer
e. Go-to fashion trend: Black t-shirt and skinny jeans
f. Dream gig: Coachella
g. Best advice given to you: Change is the only constant
h. Most unique gadget: Bose QC20 NoiseCancelling Earbuds
i. Your favorite track from your own music: My newest single, Don’t Stop
j. Dream car: Ferrari 458.

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