Disturbing tech – Employees to undergo microchip implant

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Control and micromanage are two such terms that have been abused vehemently. With the rise of tech and power in tandem, the urge to gain supremacy has always been fearful. In a recent story, Britain is to witness a saga of implanting microchips within workers in the name of enhancing security. The alarm was set off by the trade union body and the country’s biggest organization for employee welfare. Reportedly, BioTeq, a native firm, in the business of offering implants will be soon functional to set these tiny chips within the human flesh.

It is believed that these microchips once implanted right between the forefinger and thumb is akin to the ones used in case of pets. Once implanted, just wave at to open a door, start a car or store medical data. In a follow-up story, Swedish company Biohax told the media that it has had a round of discussion with leading English firms about implanting chips in their employees. Reacting to this CBI, the representative body for more than 190,000 businesses in the UK depicted sheer contempt and disregard for such a step to become a reality. In their opinion, it is a disturbing aspect of advancing tech which accounts the whole affair as an uncomfortable one. They fear that employees might be forced to undergo the procedure on a mandate and keep the entire thing hush-hush to avoid any rising concern. Bio Teq, having its heart of operations in Hampshire opines how they have implanted for over 150 individuals along with employees belonging to financial and engineering firms. Moreover, it has also implanted microchips for a bank testing the tech on its employees and has also shipped their microchips to countries like Germany, China, France, and Spain. The microchips costs somewhere between £70 t £260 and the directors of BioTeq and another company called IncuHive have also microchipped themselves much earlier to test the technology and have found it satisfying.

Biohax founder, Jowan Österlund, an ex body piercer said that the microchips have been designed to improve security in case of legal and financial organizations as they have to deal with a massive amount of sensitive data on a daily basis. Using these chips would offer a chance to the companies to put restrictions on someone particular who might seem unsatisfactory or is a threat to the process. Seemingly, the company aims to sell these microchips to organizations that have more than 200,000 employees and can be seen as an opt-in process. If one could achieve at least 10-15 percent uptake, it will still be a huge number of employees who won’t require a physical card to swipe in every day. Last year, Three Square Market, a Wisconsin based firm reached out to Biohax seeking its help to microchip their employees voluntarily. Speaking of accounting and legal firms, PwC and KPMG, two of the Big Fours told the media that they still do not have any intention of microchipping their employees to handle sensitive data or for security reasons whatsoever. The firms made it clear that neither now nor in the future, they would support such a measure to handle employees.

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