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Avinash Saxena Co-Founder, ROPOSO

Avinash Saxena Co-Founder, ROPOSO

Exhibit: How was Roposo born and where did that name originate from?

AS : Roposo has evolved from discovering fashion to what’s new in fashion and what celebrities are wearing. Everyone wants to stay updated with fashion and that’s what we help them do. As a brand, we keep up with what’s relevant in fashion, hence Roposo comes from the word “Apropos”, which implies being fashionable in a significant way at a given situation.

Exhibit: Who incepted the idea of Roposo?

AS : The term Roposo came into picture over late night dinners and conversations, with a group of friends consuming alcohol, developing the idea into a plan and paving the way for business.

Exhibit: Who are your biggest competitors and how do you plan to excel or compete against them?

AS : We don’t have any direct competitors as such but our biggest rivals are social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We want to be on the same wavelength with them and someday we will.

In this market, you compete by creating new things and innovating new ideas. A lot of brands are trying to imitate what we’re doing which shows our growth so we’ll keep discovering and keep on growing.

Exhibit: Is Roposo planning to tie up with any fashion brands?

AS : We’re talking to a lot of fashion and lifestyle brands on how to come up with concpts and what ideas are relevant to them. We aren’t precisely targeting any brands for tie ups.

ExhibitWith a widespread of 2 million and reaching to tier 2 cities, how is Roposo fashion?

AS : As you can see the usage of web is extensive in tier 2 cities so Roposo will reach out to them in a focused way through the internet. We don’t do marketing, we believe mostly in the “word of mouth” and personalized shopping for promoting fashion.

Exhibit: What is Roposo’s strategy in 2016?

AS : Roposo’s strategy is to discover more exclusive ideas. The plan is to continue new grounds and taking it forward. We’re focused on building a big team with smart people. We’re working on finding the finest people to bring into our team and introduce the best products in fashion and lifestyle.

Exhibit: What updates can we expect in the near future?

AS : You’ll see interesting feature updates every month. You’ll see updates with content creation on the Roposo app and how people can discover from local places as well. Once in three months, we’ll develop our server so more people can download the app and the platform of the app can be compatible with the no. of users on the app.

Exhibit: Who is your target audience?

AS : Our community is solely for women from the age group of 18-32 years. Girls below age of 18 years are also active on the app, continuously shopping from time to time. Every women using a smart phone should have the Roposo app on her phone. That’s what we’re aiming for.

Exhibit: What is your idea of fashion?

AS : My idea of fashion is also evolving. When I joined the company, my idea of fashion was what you love is fashion. Sometimes, it’s about being right at that precise moment or occasion.

Exhibit: Which is the fashion brand that dresses you up?

AS : ZARA. And I’m wearing it right now as well.

Exhibit: Who is your fashion idol and your favourite designer?

AS : My favorite is a designer as well as a boutique owner,Shanvi Ghosal and no one else can replace her. My fashion idol would be – Akshay Kumar, who is the complete package.

Exhibit: What do you love wearing the most?

AS : I love wearing Jeans, t-shirts and hoodies on any given day. I love bright colors.

Exhibit: What is your poison?

AS : I love beer. Although lately I haven’t been drinking a lot. But, my all time favourite is Old Monk.

Exhibit: The book that you’re currently reading.

AS : I’m not a book person. I haven’t had the time to read books but whenever I read a book, I feel why haven’t I read that book earlier in my life? Crime and Punishment is an interesting book which I read a couple of months back.

Exhibit: The car that drives you.

AS : I’m not a car enthusiast.

Exhibit: Apart from ROPOSO what other social media apps are you active on?

AS : I’m active on most of  the social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Though, not so active on Instagram. I’m active on chatting apps like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger as well as Apple’s chat app – iMessage.

Exhibit: Which phone do you use and what is the most used app on your phone?

AS : I use an Apple Iphone 6S and the most used app on my phone obviously is Roposo.

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