Detel HARMONY Wireless Headphones – Review | Good Quality Price Effective

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Well, there is no denying that there is a lot of new tech coming in every day. However, headphones and earphones are something which is made and sold in large numbers, owing to the heavy demand for personal entertainment. Entertainment, as we know now, has become very personal. You will still use a home theatre or a Bluetooth speaker at home, but for the most part of the day, you will have to consume the music or media on a personal level i.e. on your headphone or earphones. So, as expected, even I am on the same bandwagon of headphones. I listen to a lot of music, on headphones, on speakers. In fact, I have assembled a huge vintage Pioneer audio deck and some old Sony bookshelf speakers which deliver sound on some different level. In short, my life is not really complete without the audio.

On a rainy day, I am at work and a package comes in. I take no time to unbox and surprisingly it turns out to be a headphone. So, it is the Detel Harmony over-the-year headphones which are of course wireless. The packaging is simple and Detel has used a transparent plastic box with the headphone held in between by a yellow cardboard box. The cardboard box has the necessary information printed on it. Out of the box, it is just like any other wireless headphone, it is made out of plastic which has a rubber matte finish on it. Both the earcups have a silver strip running along the circumference and a ‘D’ logo printed on it. The left cup has all the buttons for controls. There is power on/off button, a button for play/pause and forward/next and volume control. Then you see the micro-USB charging port, the 3.5mm headphone jack and the TF card slot which allows you to play songs via a micro SD card. You also get a micro-USB charging wire and an auxiliary cable to connect the headphone when it runs out of charge. Overall it seemed like a decent one but then I was waiting to use it before having any opinions.

Now switching on and pairing the headphones is pretty simple and easy. It connected to my phone without any issues. The blue LED light turns green when connected. Surprisingly I found out that this Harmony uses Bluetooth 5.0 which is exactly wireless headphone makers should do, as some very premium headphones which I have used come with Bluetooth 4.2 only. The headphone is loud enough for music and I turned it down a couple of notches as I felt the maximum volume was a bit too high for me. The 40mm drivers are good enough to make most of your music sound good. I felt the high and the mids were quite clear and I could enjoy the vocals with ease. However, the headphones lack outright bass delivery, something which is really not a concern when you are looking into the affordable budget territory products. The padding seemed adequate and it did not warm up or hurt much after long hours of use. 

Moving on, the battery life is quite decent which comes from a 300 mAH Lithium Polymer battery. It takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge and the overall battery run time has been around 5 hours and 30 minutes which is very good. The aux wire helps you continue your music when the battery runs dry. It is quite a companion for most of the tasks including travelling and multimedia consumption. 

So, should you buy these Harmony wireless headphones? Well, Detel does not only make headphones but they are a homegrown manufacturer of some very good LED TVs, Bluetooth earphones, speakers and mobile phones. They are an affordable brand and have priced most of the items at very attractive prices. For Rs. 1699/-, you get a very good pair of headphone which comes with Bluetooth 5.0, plays from a TF card and has decent battery life. It is very lightweight can you can use it for a longer period of time as the foam padding is quite comfortable. Overall, it is a very good buy for a budget category wireless headphones.

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